Celebaby: Heidi Klum Plays Tooth Fairy To The Tune Of $20 Per Tooth!

8 March 2014

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What's the going rate for teeth in your house at the moment? What I mean is; how much does the tooth fairy leave your child in return for their fallen-out pearly whites?

According to a 2011 survey, children in London fare better than those elsewhere in the UK when it comes to the cash left behind by the tooth fairy.

The Daily Mail reports:

"Regional variations show some children get up to £5.05 more than others for a lost tooth."

"The capital comes top, with each child receiving an average of £5.10 – which works out to around £100 for a full set of milk teeth."

"But children in Hull wake up to an average of only 5p." 

So perhaps Heidi Klum should think about moving to Hull, because the supermodel and mother of four has been bemoaning the cost of playing the Tooth Fairy for her kids.

People magazine reports:

"Heidi Klum has being a mom of four down pat, but playing her kids’s tooth fairy may have fooled her."

"'Teeth are falling out, but the don’t mind it because they get money. I messed it up with the very first tooth that came out — I gave 20 dollars,' Klum, 40, told PEOPLE Tuesday at an Operation Shower event for military moms, sponsored by Babies ‘R’ Us."

"'I had no idea. I thought 20 bucks was the right thing to do with the first tooth, but now with four kids and all of these teeth that are coming, it’s another small fortune.'"

It's hard to feel much sympathy for Heidi, however, since she can clearly find 20 bucks for every tooth - which amounts to about $400 for each child's full set of baby teeth!

If we were Klum's kids we'd be finding ways to clone our teeth - their Tooth Fairy set-up is practically a license to print money!

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