This Year's 'Don't Buy' Sun Cream Revealed By Which?

Don't Buy Sun Cream Revealed By Which?

It's that time of year when Consumer Watchdog Which? tell us which Sun Creams live up to their SPF claims and which ones don't. It's fair to say that when we buy Sun Cream for ourselves or our children, we expect it to provide the protection that it advertises. However, Which? have found in previous years that this just isn't the case.

Which Sun Cream Should I Avoid?

The one that Which? have named in 20, in 2017 as the 'Don't Buy' was the Avon Sun+Multi Protection Moisturising Sun Lotion*. At £10, it was the most expensive one featured in the test and was found to offer around a fifth less protection than it claimed. This hasn't been tested again for 2018. Avon have changed the packaging slightly, and dropped the price this year to just £5, but there's no indication that the formula of the Lotion is different.

Which Sun Cream Should I Buy?

One of the best Sun Creams that passed the SPF test in 2018, and lived up to it's claims was Lidl Cien Sun Lotion Classic SPF30*. At £3.49, it shows that price isn't everything when it comes to selecting a Sun Cream. You can find it in store.

There was a total of 15 Factor 30 Sun Creams tested - here are the other 14 that passed the Sun Protection Test carried out by Which?:

What Factor Sun Cream should I use on my Baby?

The NHS highly recommend that any exposed parts of your Baby/Child's Skin should be covered in Sunscreen to ensure they are protected.

A minimum Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15 is vital and the Cream MUST be effective against UVA and UVB. Remember to reapply throughout the day.

If you require further information, you can get it via the NHS "Sun Safety for Children" Advice Page.

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  • Emma H.

    Did they test any 50SPF? Looking for kids on holiday this year.

    • Kim W.

      Child's farm is amazing!great for sensitive skin too

    • Clare S.

      I have used the Boots Soltan Waterplay 50 spf one last 3 years on my daughter & it's been great.

    • Libby A.

      You don't need factor 50. 30 is much better for their skin. (I'll post a link) we just come back for 3 weeks in Egypt with a 4 year old and a 9 month old. We used amber solair very water resistant kids factor 30. Baby is the same colour he went and the 4 year old has slight colour on its legs and arms. I would 100% recommend it.

  • Sarah B.

    maybe pick up the Aldi one after all x

  • Liz E.

    , aldi suncream came out best in the Which test. It's only £2.79 x

  • Lisa K.

    Bugger when your children are alergic to thr aldi one and the only on they can use hasnt even been tested

  • Jennifer F.

    , Aldi suncream the best :sunglasses::smiley:

  • Kayleigh D.

    best sun creams for our holiday aldis is the best one and it's only £2.79 :see_no_evil:

    • Emma G.

      Aldi just keeps getting better and better! X

  • Helen W.

    I Always use the aldi suncream on my 4 children it's fantastic it's a coloured spray and smells nice and brilliant price comes In SPF50 too :heart:

  • Mary M.

    I would have liked a link to the Which report so I could see all the suncreams that didn't pass the test

  • Michelle R.

    Nooo I've bought Avon for our holidays

  • Nicola D.

    Aldi is the way forward :kissing_heart:

  • Laura L.

    Love aldi suncream. My lg has ezcema and aldi is the only 1 we have found that doesnt iritate her x

  • Clare H.

    We use Aldi's every year, it's fab

  • Angela M.

    Aldi factor 30 is the only cream that doesn't irritate my childrens skin.

  • Daniella G.

    Yeah Aldi is defo the way forward! Gona need to get some xx

  • Kim B.

    Aldi kids sun cream is brilliant-my little girl has sensitive skin and other sun creams have made her face puffy/red! No problem with this one and great price!!

  • Nicola J.

    Saw this. I took Aldi and Wilkos away with me and was loads better than piz buin 30 once a day!

  • Jade J.

    Yes Aldi suncream :clap_tone1: just wish they would create a suncream that didn't stain clothes

  • Carol B.

    We buy Aldi's all the time (incl after sun) value for money and have used boots own too. I love the smell of Ambre solaire but not the price.

  • Poppy M.

    Ok it don't protect as high as it says so the 50 is prob a 30 xxx I'll prob try Aldis or just go back to the ones I brought before

  • Sophie G.

    Always use Aldi sun cream for me and my kids. Never had an issue and the kid one is great it doesn't affect my oldest sons eczema :thumbsup_tone2:

  • Shari S.

    For kids the Nivea 50+ protection is perfect. I even done a smiley face on my back and it stayed completely pale :)

  • Lee G.

    Aldis is ment to be one of the best xx

  • Jennifer E.

    Been using Avon sun cream for 10+ years and never burnt

  • Gemma D.

    I've got the Aldi one to try :blush:

  • Jodie M.

    Oh that's good will get an Aldi one too then c

  • Sheena V.

    I started using the Aldi lacura last year going by Which? & it's brilliant. Have always used factor 50 as believed it was best for my kids but was advised by my daughter's Paediatrician that factor 30 was better as it lets the skin breathe. Factor 50 clogs the skin so can make it more sensitive & sore, makes sense & going down to the factor 30 worked so now converted & wouldn't use any other brand!

  • Sue B.

    Ultrasun is the best. You might think it's expensive, but you only have to put it on in the morning and that's it, lasts all day, and it is waterproof.

    • Kirsty B.

      Eczema and allergy friendly too :ok_hand_tone1:

    • Becky R.

      Second this cream, it's fantastic for kids who hate having cream applied

  • Geri O.

    I've used the Avon suncream for years and its usually on offer at 3 for £10. you just need to buy it at the right time. Avon suncream is the only one my daughter can use as she is allergic to pretty much every other one. I also know poeple who have very sensitive skin and skin conditions who are able to use their factor 50 with no problems. I would definitely recommend it and def wouldn't be put off by this report! !!

    • Indya D.

      It isn't so much the price that's put me off but when they say that it gives less protection than it claims to, that puts me off

    • Geri O.

      My husband and myself and 2 kids have worn it for years in the UK and abroad and never got even the slightest bit burnt. I used to use name brands and this much better!

    • Claire C.

      I like Avon ones too - also Asda & soltan I go for the one in offer tbh xx

    • Carla S.

      I bought Avon last year factor 50 and burnt and blistered would never use it again

  • Amanda J.

    I ve got a variety got 3 lots from Aldi :thumbsup::thumbsup:

  • Nicola H.

    I have always used Aldi sun cream. It has the 5* rating on the back of the bottle whereas other leading brands only have 3*

  • Fiona B.

    Aldi is really good, my little boy has bad eczema and the kids sensitive one has been great :thumbsup:

  • Judi G.

    I always use Nivea, I have sun sensitive skin and really helps

  • Heidi W.

    We took 3 bottles of the spray aldi factor 50 to morocco a couple of years ago and everyone used it, none of us burnt despite the heat. Amazing and also affordable

  • Julie S.

    I've got factor 50 it's a good price gunna nip and get factor 30 as well xx

  • Natalie B.

    My mum's skin cancer consultant has advised her to only use Aldi's sunscreen as it has the best sun protection. Aldi all the way for me!!! :sunny::sunny:

  • Jaqui M.

    I think Il get some of that to go away xx

  • Heather S.

    I always use that on kids I use the same I have used Asda before and been ok x

  • Jackie M.

    The say Aldi Ones really gd

  • Natalie P.

    Surely trading standards means they have to provide what they state?

  • Elaine C.

    Brilliant that's my shopping list sorted next i am I'm in cavan. Thanks

  • Sarah F.

    Yes i use aldi lacura range for the last couple og years. Amazing value for money and has a higher uva rating than some branded ones. X

  • Melissa T.

    Amazing. Thanks :smiley:. Aldi looks good x

  • Stacey F.

    I've got 2 factor 50's from Avon and will get the rest from Aldi - they do a few different ones now - sprays, lotions and aerosol ones too xx

  • Stacey F.

    Yep sure I saw them last time I went Aldi xx

  • Chloe F.

    Oh fancy, I'm guna buy Aldi ones! Xx

  • Stacey F.

    We get a mixture of Aldi and Avon. Don't need to buy much more - last year's should still be in date xx

  • Clair B.

    Aldi :thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1:

  • Natalie W.

    I'm going get Aldi I think then, I remember someone telling me it was good :thumbsup_tone1:x

  • Jenni R.

    The one i use isn't there!

  • Louise L.

    My daughter developed an allergy to sun cream last year, the only one which she has no reaction to is Green People kids organic one.

    • Diana G.

      Is this without chemical, what spf? Thank you.

  • Shelley H.

    Thanks love the Aldi one sounds good! Xx

  • Diana G.

    Any one can suggest a sun cream that has natural ingredients appropriate for young children without chemicals ? All the aforementioned are general use sun creams.

  • Hayley W.

    We use piz buin 1 day spf 30 and malibu once daily spf 30 and 50 for all of our children and have done for years. We reapply when necessary throughout the day when abroad but these are fab. The boys have skin that turns brown and my daughter is as white as milk but does tan slowly and these seem to suit the whole family

  • Nicola M.

    hahaha I have to disagree

  • Allison M.

    looks like Lidl is the place to go for suncream

  • Christine M.

    Lol and no stars on it...weird. Yeah we had no bother with it :thumbsup:

  • Amy K.

    I couldn't see the official uva 5 star rating mark on these ones, so sticking with aldi who give 5 star coverage, but nivea etc only give 3. Not to say the lidls ones aren't 5 star, but last time I checked the stamp wasn't there

  • Amanda P.

    that’s what kev uses but factor 50 x

  • Lynn M.

    I’ve been the same. Avoiding it because it does not display a star rating

  • Louise B.

    That's why I didn't buy it too!

  • Jenny H.

    Are there any suncreams that don’t stain clothes? The Aldi one is good but I find it leaves stains that don’t come out in the wash :frowning2:

  • Zowie B.

    It's because the star display was originally done by boots I think

  • Amanda M.

    I'm having same problem with the Aldi sensitive factor 50 :slight_frown:

  • Jenny H.

    Amanda Moore yes that’s the one, the spray & the one in the tube stain really badly :thumbsdown_tone2:

  • Lyndsey S.

    The clear spray in the Lidl range is fantastic also ... £2.99 absolute bargain

  • Marie D.

    Ultrasun wasn't tested. It's an Australian brand designed for their climate. But it's very very expensive in comparison to these so, given this article and others I've read since, I won't be buying it again!

  • Amy K.

    Zowie Bell oh really? I never looked into it, will do though x

  • Alison S.

    I found it quite sticky. Last year I used wilko which is 5 star UVA. The sensitive one was good for my toddler who can flare up with eczema patches.

  • Nicola B.

    Me too! Just got back from Majorca and my kids new clothes are stained! It's a great suncream my two havnt burnt at all keeps them well protected!

  • Emma G.

    I would look into the star rating. It doesn't mean as much as you furst believe. Just another thing that we have been blinded with and told it's what we need. I don't use any of these chemical sun creams because research shows they can be just as damaging as the sun itself. Mineral sun protection all the way for me x

  • Cheryl B.

    Looks good luv, I see sum of the comments say it stains the clothes x

  • Frankie P.

    Just shows expensive isn’t better!

  • Elena G.

    I know it wasn’t, my point was that there are very good ones at very reasonable prices :blush:

  • Rachel B.

    Yes! It’s the way forward xx

  • Amy K.

    Mandy Watson very interesting! Would be good too see where they stand nowadays as that was 2011

  • JD E.

    Asda one I find hasn’t stained so far

  • Mary-Ellen B.

    Yes the star rating was created by Boots based on chemical suncreams. To have the star rating manufacturers need to pay a license fee to Boots. You would rarely get a star rating across European countries products. That’s also why all the more natural chemical free mineral suncreams won’t have a star rating because it relates to effectiveness of the chemicals. There is a fast growing all natural, chemical and cruelty free UK company that is in the process of challenging Boots on this.

  • Marie D.

    Yep. I definitely paid far too much but at the time, I wasn't thinking of the price but more about what would give the best protection for my grandchildren - and for my children if needed!!

  • Alana J.

    I use the factor 50 version of this, it’s brill, easy to apply (spray version) doesn’t stain clothing and perfect protection for my outdoor loving child :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Tink L.

    I paid loads the other day 7 quid a bottle because they all needed some for school and they're not allowed to share so 3 for school and 1 for home at 7quid ech :open_mouth:

  • Carly F.

    Star rating is boots only. Don't rely on it.

  • Samantha B.

    I use lidls own and never had any issues with it.

  • Tink L.

    Yeah well I'll be going lidl or also for my next lot definitely x

  • Jeanette C.

    Asda is cheap and got tested and came out better than the big brands too and really good price with 5 stars x

  • Jeanette C.

    I cant use them on Freyja as she reacts but got them for Oliver need to get me some x

  • Nadine T.

    I use Lidl and Aldi suncare

  • Hayley T.

    They only tester the SPF quality. This doesn't account for the UVA rating so I'm gonna stick the the 5* UVA rated 1s even though LIDLs 1 is recommended x

  • Sam B.

    I can only use the wilko one on my daughter too xx

  • Sam B.

    Sainsbury's own kids one hasn't stained anything of my kids x

  • Grace A.

    Always use the tesco stuff, 5 star, isn't sticky, doesn't stain

  • Grace A.

    I think it works where the protection from uva & uvb is more or less the same, so it gets 5 stars. The advice is usually to go for a high spf and 5 star rated product to ensure minimal damage to the skin.

  • Amanda M.

    Jenny Hodgkiss iv tried everything to get rid of the stains it's hopeless. I'll try the Asda one too and see how it goes otherwise I am banning white tops and petitioning the school to switch to yellow polo shirts!

  • Hayley Y.

    I need some more for next week!x

  • Nichola W.

    We had Aldi £1.99 this year and found it to be very good

  • Mrsnm S.

    I’ve used it and it’s good

  • Lianne P.

    already bought the P20 now x

  • Linzi M.

    Got some today, thanks xox

  • Heather C.

    Can’t believe it got top in Which.

  • ʚϊɞ �.

    Thanks for the heads up, my sun suffers and I struggle to find cream for him. Been using child’s farm but it’s like paint, and still has a small reaction. So looking for something that works. Will have a look at this one.

  • Regina D.

    Thanks may get some for hols :grin:

  • Beverley P.

    I got tescos ones at the weekend, it's comes out pretty good also. Seems any of the top brand names are actually terrible!!

  • PushingZedzzzzz

    I use la roche posay for my daughter she has Psoriasis. It's not the cheapest brand though.

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