Bugaboo Donkey £1,200 @ John Lewis

bugabooDonkey Don't ask me why I was reading the Daily HateMail the other day, I just was ok!

In doing so, I came across THIS article about the latest Bugaboo, named the 'Donkey' - whoever came up with that name should be fired in my opinion, whatever happened to interesting and exotic sounding Bugaboo names like the 'Cameleon'...?

I remember the fuss and hoo-hah surrounding the Bugaboo pushchairs when I was pregnant with my youngest; I didn't get it then and I don't get it now.

Apparently the Bugaboo Donkey is selling out across the country despite having a £1,200 price tag!

Are people insane?

It was launched last week and according to the article in the Mail, John Lewis were selling them at the rate of one an hour; madness.

I've always viewed pushchairs and strollers as a necessary evil and have never paid more than £50 for one - the last one, a Mamas and Papas three-wheeler travel system came from eBay for about forty five quid.

SO...am I missing the point here?

What IS the big deal with pushchairs that require a small mortgage for the average Joe to be able to afford?  Mariah Carey is supposed to be the proud owner of a Bugaboo Donkey.

Just think of all the other things you could do with the best part of a thousand pounds if you were tight-fisted like me, when it comes to pushchairs, and only spent £50 on on!

I want to know, would YOU spend this much money on a pushchair?! Or maybe you already have; sorry for calling you 'insane' but you could go on a pretty decent holiday for that sort of money.

Of course, if this is the pushchair of your dreams then it's available from John Lewis for £1,200.


  • chantelle
    How is it not worth the money?its durable, stylish! There isn't a lot of choice out there for doubles I'm definatly getting this
  • Common S.
    Of course someone called 'chantelle' would spend this sort of money on a push chair. However anyone who cares more about their kids future than how other idiot mothers look at them in the play ground would put the thousand pounds in a fund for little Chardonnaay and Tarquin's future education.
  • saf
    Lol at the comment about someone called chantelle, thinking its worth the.money. I totally agree. Ppl are so materialistic its ridiculous. That's the sort of money I would save for a house, or a car.
  • debadwolff
    it's more money than sense! I bought on ebay a complete m&p pushchair/carseat/pram combo with extras for £16 and one hours travel to pick it up! I bought my sisinlaw who was expecting twins a beautiful twin buggy/pram/carseat combo for £110. both top condition. but then again if someone wants to spend over a thousand pounds on an 'ass' pushchair then they are welcome to it :)
  • Emma N.
    I think this is an awful pram & wouldn't be paid to use it. Bugaboos are overpriced & overrated. And what an utterly ridiculous name! Saying that I wouldn't make such nasty comments like above if someone chose to buy one. Wow Common Sense? Judgemental & bitchy much?
  • kathryn
    If you've got the money, why not? What position is anyone in to judge other peoples decisions? I am getting one and have money to burn...

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