Celebaby: More Bieber Baby News And VB's Just Like The Rest Of Us!

17 November 2011

Poor Justin Bieber - the rumours and speculation just keep going on and on and Victoria Beckham says she's no different from a lot of other working mums.

Justin Bieber

I was listening to NewsBeat on Radio One last night and heard the latest Baby Bieber rumour - apparently the mother of the baby (I have to look up her name every time, because I just don't remember it) Mariah Yeater had dropped the paternity claim against Justin, but that's all there was and journos were scrabbling around to try and find some sort of confirmation of this.

Well, apparently it's not true and she's still adamant that JB is the father of the baby - she has however got a new legal team and everything's gone very 'cloak and dagger'.  Having received death threats (WOW those Beliebers don't mess around; poor Selena Gomez got those just for being his girlfriend, let alone making [alleged] scandalous accusations against him and threatening to tarnish his boy next door image!) she's not going to be allowed to give any more interviews.

Not only that, there's talk that the results of the, still-in-negotiations, paternity test will never be revealed.  The non-Beliebers are saying this means Justin IS the baby's father, that Mariah Yeater will be paid off to go away and be quiet so the squeaky-clean Bieber image can (sort of) remain intact.

OOOH, the plot thickens!

Victoria Beckham

It's typical - I was going to comment on the fact that Harper Beckham is like Victoria's new favourite handbag because she's never seen OFF her arm, when up pop some photos of mother and daughter (yep, in an airport) separated by the pram!

Victoria can't win you know, she's  been slammed by some for saying that she's no different from most working mothers...

"There are quite a few video conferences at 5 am with me in my dressing gown, holding baby. For me it's no different than it is for a lot of women out there. It's like juggling glass balls. I love it."

Yes, she has lots of money - so do lots of other mothers, albeit not quite on the same scale.  But does that REALLY make bringing up a child any different if you strip everything back to its bare bones?

Yes, the money means they can fly first class rather than economy, but so what? Yes, it means she can afford to have someone come in and do her hair etc...and what's wrong with that?  My hairdresser used to come to me.

The bottom line is, she works hard, has four children and a husband to juggle and the same number of hours in the day as the rest of us.

Just because she's not living on a dodgy estate somewhere, or rummaging down the back of the sofa for spare change, doesn't make her any less of a working mother and not have any of the same 'is this normal for a child of this age?' or, 'am I doing this right?' or, 'are we making the right decisions?!'

At least I don't think it does; what do you think?


  • magicbeans
    she has someone come to her house....well it isnt gonna be ur typical mobile hairdresser is it!! plsu um sure there is loadsa help with regards to cooking, cleaning and prob a nanny or something....she also has 3 other kids!! i'm sure she works hard, her work is mainly to 'look good' thats what being a celeb is.... so for that reason i don't envy her...to look as trim as she does now after a baby.... thats some serious dieting there!!
  • SlayerKat
    agree with magicbeans I don't envy her. I have 3 kids including one disabled child and life is HARD ;) I'm lucky if I ever get a haircut let alone someone coming to my house to do it lol (although I'm lucky my next door neighbour is a hairdresser). "non-Beliebers" genius love it x

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