Celebaby: Kerry Katona Is A Mummy All Over Again

12 April 2014

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Wowza, Kerry Katona has a newborn baby in her household again; that's baby number 5!

Kerry and fiance George Kay have just had a baby daughter, but they don't seem to have shared news of her name with the world just yet.

It seems that the little one's arrival may not have been straightforward either, as Kerry was kept in hospital for four days, and has mentioned on Twitter that she had a tough time.

Kerry wrote:

"Thank you all so much for your kind messages, at last we're both home after getting the all clear! It's been very traumatic @mrgsjkay xxxx"

Clearly smitten with his baby girl, George tweeted back:

"@KerryKatona7 thank you for bringing my beautiful daughter into this world last night! You are both amazing xxxxxxxx"

And just in case that's not already all too gooey for you, Kerry hasn't been able to hold back her baby joy either, tweeting:

"It's amazing how you fall in love as soon as you see your baby!! Can't stop staring at her.. So perfect @mrgsjkay xxxxxxx"

Ok, this is like a game. George's go again:

"@KerryKatona7 it's true what blokes say, about that feeling of pure love that you get when you first clap eyes on your baby. #beautiful xxx"

"@KerryKatona7 were just a strong team baby.. It's you that got me through it!! Miracles do happen.. Love you both so much xxxx"

You get the picture.

The couple are very definitely in the happy hormonal baby joy clouds!

Kerry's most recent tweet, however, was "Oooooo I could just eat her up on a butty" so let's hope George isn't just sitting around staring at that baby, but that he knows how to rustle up some decent grub for a hungry Mama!

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