Customer Notice For ELC Wooden Walker Toys

23 December 2016
Customer Notice For ELC Wooden Walker Toys

Early Learning Centre* AND Mothercare have issued a Customer Notice with regards to ELC Wooden Walker Toys.

Issues have been reported to the retailers about wheels/fittings becoming slack and so the purpose of the notice is to encourage people to check and tighten the wheels should they become loose.

There hasn't been anything mentioned about safety so there shouldn't be an issue there.

Here are the wooden toys affected:

  • ELC Wooden Pushchair: SKU 141014
  • ELC Wooden Kitchen: SKU 141012
  • ELC Wooden Workbench: SKU 141013
  • ELC Wooden Toddler Truck: SKU 141208
  • ELC Toddler Truck Pink: SKU 141209

If you have any concerns with regards to this issue, you can contact ELC Customer Services on 0371 231 3513.

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  • Sara B.

    We've had the workbench for months. The screws did come loose at the start I thought it was just us not tightening properly..

  • Nikki S.

    Happened to an earlier version of the top left pushchair to! I thought my toddler was being too rough but clearly not!

  • Madeline C.

    The bottom right walker's wheels come off constantly! We ended up taking them off so that we didn't have to keep picking up the screw and washer that came off with the wheel. Not very child friendly in my opinion!

  • Gina L.

    We constantly have this problem with ours!

  • Alice T.

    Constantly tightening ours!!

  • Natasha E.

    you've got one of these haven't you? We've got one and the wheel always falls off!

  • Gail C.

    Wheel always falling off pushchair. Had it over a year now & have keep tightening it

  • Ashleigh M.

    Have workbench no problem with one I have

  • Lauren S.

    Yes, the wheels are constantly falling off but if you do them too tight you can't push it! Such an awful design!

  • Amy P.

    Thanks- only noticed the other day one was lose but since he's has it 5 months didn't think much of it! Will keep a close eye on it now tho

  • Lisa M.

    Everyone obviously knows the issue is there but it seems they should be offering a solution?!

  • Rebecca A.

    - not just you that couldn't tighten the wheel on her pushchair properly - it's constantly loose! :joy::joy::joy:

  • Finola M.

    I no I have to do hers all the time

  • Samantha T.

    . this is what stacey brought Alfie and had no end of problems with it the screws coming out and Alfie nearly eating them when he was younger nightmare they should of recalled them TBH x

    • Nikki H.

      That's exactly what I was about to write..since the day we put ours together it just never seemed to be a tight fitting.

    • Samantha T.

      Nikki Hatton I know ours has been the same it's a nightmare had to take it off him x

    • Dawn N.

      Omg! That's terrible it was a lot of money! ️

  • Gail A.

    Thanks, no problems yet but will keep checking xx

  • Louise S.

    Not from here. Ours is from smyths. Had absolutely no issues with it! Harry loves it!x

  • Nicola P.

    Great - we have a dodgy wheel on emilys wooden pram but not from here either x

  • Louise S.

    The only problem we have with ours is harry wants to climb over the handle!x

  • Rachel A.

    The wheel was forever coming of her pushchair. In the loft now. Xx

  • Aileen F.

    Yes it is and the wheel has come off a few times!

  • Gemma H.

    I brought one of these for my son over a year ago and did exactly the same , he couldn't push the stupid thing without it becoming loose again !! , no matter how much you tightened it it came loose again , crappy design fault which should of been recalled and it sounds like alot of mums deserve there money returned if they paid £40 pound for one like I did !!!!

  • Amy S.

    Aye, I'll have to keep an eye on them. Thanks lovely xx

  • Pam M.

    How weird when we were just talking about this. Sujan was saying they weren't very safe

  • Zoe C.

    we have the workbench and our will comes off lots it drives me crazy :rolling_eyes:

  • Lara M.

    We had the tool bench trolley, the only way to keep the wheel from falling off was to tighten it so tight that then he couldn't push it along! So ended up taking the wheels off and using just ad a tool bench. Completely rubbish!!!

  • Laura B.

    My son has the tool bench and 2 of the wheels are always coming off. I've not bothered putting them back on anymore as no matter how tight you turn them they still come back off!

  • Louise H.

    Thanks we always do. A wheel came off once and john brought it all to me and we sorted

  • Kate E.

    My daughter had one of these when she was younger and we constantly had to put the wheel back on!

  • Ashleigh L.

    bloody awful, hate them! they have been took down and put in the attic :grimacing:

  • Claire V.

    Yes ours is always falling off!!! Simons repaired it so many times lol!

  • Ruthin L.

    Yeah it is actually!! Clearly not a good design and not my joinery skills after all hehe! :see_no_evil: x

  • Sarah S.

    I had to take the pushchair back 2 years ago! The wheelies came off and my little girl had the screws in her mouth I asked them if anyone else had problems

  • Louise B.

    We brought the ELC wooden toddler truck for our sons first birthday. It was a nightmare and had to send it back. It didn't even give you chance to tighten the wheels the wouldn't screw on and come off soon as he pushed it. Shame really as it looked nice but didn't do what it was supposed to.

  • Annabel M.

    Never had a problem but the handle comes loose and just spins round and round x

  • Chloe N.

    No but it looks very similar to the one she has got. Saw this earlier and also thought it was her one. Thanks for the heads up :kissing_heart::heart: xxx

  • Emily B.

    Yeah he had the tool bench!! We've checked it and it's fine! I think they are worried because it's self assembly xxxx

  • Nicola W.

    I did yes! Perhaps it wasn't mikes diy skills after all :grinning:

  • Jo S.

    You'd think elc stuff would be good too x

  • Stacey T.

    Yes she has the kitchen walker, I saw this earlier :blush: Sharon's going to tighten the screws tomorrow. Thanks! X

  • Gemma H.

    Thanks...saw this before! The wheels do fall off but thought it was just the way Mark had put it together! :joy::joy::joy: x x x

  • Laura C.

    I got the wooden pushchair last Christmas for my daughter who was 8 months at the time. I have 1 wheel which is always coming off. Why am I only finding out about a warning now a year on? Elc only reply when I reported it was "tighten it up!"

    • Nadine C.

      I had this two years ago and had the same problem, they've known about it for at least that long. The design is just so bad. Got rid of it and would never recommend it to anyone.

  • Siân W.

    Brilliant to hear, got my 6 month old the workbench as his main Christmas present :pensive::rage:

  • Leanne D.

    Yep her wheel has come off like 3 times already!!!

  • Liz L.

    Let's get our money back x

  • Sarah C.

    Yes it is! It's been rubbish since we first got it. The wheels have never stayed on. We tighten them all the time but they keep falling off. I wouldn't get another one :frowning2:

  • Michelle E.

    I have the wooden work bench the wheel had fell off several time and all have had to be tightened up but now 1 has fell off and split so can't be fixed :rage: for wood it's not the best.

  • Kat M.

    2 sleeps Jacob says! But will only b 1 tomo!! :gift::christmas_tree::santa_tone1::santa_tone1::gift::christmas_tree::tada:x

  • Vicki A.

    I had two of these products & took them back nearly 2 years ago for this very reason to be told there was no issues :thinking:

  • Gemma W.

    Yes we do! Hmmm I'll check!

  • Sophie S.

    Yes. Thank you for tagging. Our wheels come off ALL the time despite tightening it. I also worry about the toy 'screws' being a choking hazard so now keeping it in kitchen where he is watched. He still plays with it every day and would notice if it disappeared but I'm hoping I can remove it after Christmas gifts arrive!

  • Clare K.

    Pain in the you know what!!!

  • Lois C.

    Thank you, we've already commented and have had this sent by email. It's only happened to us once so far, but when it did happen I commented to giles how dangerous it was to put that sized bolts on a baby toy like that. Just keeping an eye on it for now, someone further down has taken the wheels off which would be an option if it gets too bad.

  • Candice-Oliver B.

    Oh, didn't look at comments. Such a shame as it is so lovely! You don't expect it if a ELC product though.

  • Lois C.

    Its so lovely we were so pleased with it and thought he'd play with it in different ways as he gets older. Wasn't cheap either but we used his birthday discount voucher for it. Will keep an eye on it as safety is the main thing. I didn't think it looked particularly safe to have a bolt like that come free.

  • Jennie T.

    Yep constantly loose. Its in our kitchen as I write this minus 1 wheel. Little boy keeps wanting it but reluctant to give it him back. Recall needed!! Especially after sending out this warning!

  • Michelle G.

    The wheels are constantly coming off! It's a good toy otherwise though x

  • Charlianne C.

    We do "tighten it up" but then the wheels don't spin! :rage:

  • Kerry S.

    Wheel keeps falling off mine no matter how much we tighten it, are they offering a recall? X

  • Liz O.

    Ooo yes our wheels are always coming off!!! X

  • Claire W.

    I would disagree that there isn't a safety issue - The first I knew of this problem was when I found my toddler about to eat a wheel nut that had fallen off :rage: since then I've regularly checked them to make sure they are tight as they do loosen off. Not what you want on a children's toy!

  • Natasha M.

    My son had the workbench walker couple years ago for Christmas I always had to re put the wheels back on very annoying! Took a while for them to notice then :joy:

  • Naomi K.

    Yip had the buggy and kept falling apart . Biggest pile of rubbish xx

  • Naomi H.

    I had the buggy too!!! Didn't matter how tight I tightened those flipping wheels - they never stayed on!!x

  • Naomi K.

    Glad I seen this . I thought it was my fault . We still have the buggy here ready for the dump lol!!! With no wheels :joy: . Zara still pushed it around , bless xx

  • Naomi H.

    I kept blaming phil :joy::joy: Had to apologise to him there!!! X

  • Sarah89

    I have just rang them as it states to do and they have told me to take it to store!!! Customer services is awful these products should b recalled straight away before a child chokes on a screw 

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