Celebaby: Tittle Tattle

20 October 2012

There are various snippets of Celebaby tittle-tattle being published out there in media land - none of them will dramatically enhance, or alter, your life in any way, but 'interesting' for about 10 seconds all the same.

Charles Dance (very intense and scary looking actor) was just one of the older guard to become fathers this year at the grand old age of 66.  His little daughter, Rose, was born back in March - Charles missed her birth and then flew off to South Africa just a couple of days later - it didn't bode well for the relationship between him and his fiancee and they've finally gone their separate ways.

Jack Osbourne has married his fiancee earlier this month, and his little six-month old daughter, Pearl, (where has that time gone?!) was one of the bridesmaids, along with his sister, Kelly.

Lily Allen's pregnancy is still going smoothly - goodness, I can't remember her married name...COOPER! - and she's been Tweeting pictures of her preggars self in Marrakesh.

Fearne Cotton has been seen out and about, looking glam' and blooming, attending the premier of the Rolling Stones 'bio-movie' - Ronnie Wood is her soon-to-be-born child's grandfather!

And that's about it!  See, nothing exciting going on - Chantelle and Alex are moving things out of their house, she still looks miserable, he still looks like a gormless idiot and we can only hope that Dolly inherits some common sense from some genes that have skipped a few generations...until her!

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