Celebaby: Peter And Jordan Bury The Hatchet

22 December 2011

Peter and Katie

Peter Andre and Katie Price haven't always been as restrained as they are now when it comes to speaking about each other; it wasn't that long ago that any hatchet burying was in each other's backs!

But now it seems they've managed to get past that and have agreed, according to newspaper reports, that they're going to make platonic amends for the sake of the children - well it's about time and is perfectly doable too, even if you have got the dregs of the UK media just willing you to slip up so they can write another tawdry headline.

I hope they manage to pull it off, that both of them find love with someone else and that the kids end up with two sets of loving parents that aren't at war with each other, that way everybody wins.


I keep reading that Beyonce is ready to pop - I was pretty sure she was due around March time, maybe I've got her confused with all the other baby bumps around at the moment - and recent pictures of her definitely show that she's a far way along the preggars path.

I'm also rather glad to see a celeb' mother who piles on the pounds all over, like I did, rather than manage to stay the same other than having a very neat half-beach-ball sized bump sticking out front.

I'm not sure on her choice of maternity outfits though, I don't think animal print leggings look good on anyone, pregnant or not, Beyonce or not!

What do you think?

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