Celebaby: Meet Baby Louis, Beware Botox And A Baby Boy

5 May 2010

SandraSandra Bullock’s planned adoption of a baby boy is bringing great joy to her adopted city. Lots of adoption here...Sandra’s down to earth personality and charitable works have won her a place in the hearts of the citizens of New Orleans and they’re all over the moon about the new little man about to enter her life.

She adopted Baby Louis Bardo Bullock in January and has just introduced him to the world through Hello! Magazine. He looks adorable and we wish her every slice of luck a single mummy needs as she embarks on the exciting journey of parenthood.katie

Katie Price has also announced that she’s cutting back on her botox so that it doesn’t affect her chances of having another baby with her new husband. We are now waiting for an announcement from her regular cosmetic surgery clinic that they have gone under as her weekly expenditure kept them afloat in the recession...

kaitlinStunning star of Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Kaitlin Olson has announced that she’s expecting a baby boy. She told People magazine that she’s had a very easy pregnancy so far and hopes that it stays that way until his birth in August. Kaitlin was too excited to wait and see what the baby would be and decided to find out as soon as possible.

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