Celebaby: Kerry Katona Nearly Died Giving Birth

22 April 2014

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New mum Kerry Katona has posed for a photo shoot for OK! magazine in which she tells the world that she nearly died after giving birth to her most recent addition to the family.

OK reports:

"In this week's OK! Magazine, The Big Reunion star has revealed all on her labour trauma which left her thinking she might lose her baby girl."

"In this WORLD EXCLUSIVE interview, Kerry and her fiancé George Kay recall the terrifying moment their daughter's heart stopped as well as introducing us to the little tot herself who they've adorably named Dylan-Jorge Rose."

Meanwhile the Daily Mail reports:

"Kerry Katona came ‘close to death’ during a ‘horrendous’ labour when she gave birth to her baby girl earlier this month, a source has revealed." 

"An insider told the Daily Star that doctors found that Kerry, 33, was suffering from pre-eclampsia, which causes high blood pressure and can be life-threatening if undiagnosed."

"It can result in strokes, problems with the liver, kidneys and lungs and severe bleeding after the birth."

Kerry was reportedly unaware that she had pre-eclampsia, which can be fatal for mothers and their babies, until she went into labour. Pre-eclampsia causes high blood pressure and fluid retention which can lead to sudden swelling of the feet, ankles, face and hands. Other symptoms include headaches, blurred vision, vomiting and pain below the ribs. If you're pregnant and experience any of these symptoms, you should seek medical advice immediately.

Poor Kerry. We hope she and baby Dylan-Jorge Rose are recovering well.

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