The Zaky Hand

23 June 2010

zaky1 Ladies and gentleman, I give you.....the Zaky Hand!

I stumbled across the Zaky Hand this morning during my twice-weekly meander around the interweb to find something 'random' and interesting to show you.

I'm really quite enamoured with it and wonder what you all think; the story behind it is this....

"Zachary weighed 2 lbs when he was born at Memorial Hermann Hospital during Tropical Storm Allison. The hospital lost power during the storm and in order to live, Zachary needed a special NICU warmer and the breathing machine.

For 10 hours Zachary was kept alive "by hand" until he was evacuated. His mother held him against her chest with skin-to-skin contact to give him warmth, help his heart-rate and stress, while his father and nurses hand-ventilated him.

Ultimately after their NICU experience, Zachary's mother, Yamile Jackson, designed and created the Zaky to provide comfort to other NICU babies."

I utterly adore this idea! I know you could probably achieve the same result with a normal bung-it-in-the-microwave hot pack, but it's the fact they are shaped like hands that does it for me and just makes me melt.

I am also very amused by the thought that it would look like your baby is being craddled by Thing from The Addams Family. In fact, I think want a pair of my own to cuddle up to when I need a comforting pair of hands.

If you actually want to buy a Zaky Hand, or two - they come in 'left' and 'right', they're available HERE in the UK for £24.50 (there's lots of blurb here about the Zaky Hand too - the order bit is a the bottom of the page).

Utter genius or just a bit random?  What do you reckon?


  • Nickie@Typecast
    no no no no no - that's really creepy!!! LOL (I checked the date too to make sure it wasn't 1st April)
  • Emma K.
    Oh dear, saw that picture and I was a bit freaked out! I appreciate that it's a good idea, but it seems like "thing" from the Addams Family is coming to steal your baby!
  • Sarah K.
    NOOO! The Zaky Hands are LOVELY! Look how cosy and wrapped up that little baby looks - they're like a safe pair of hands!
  • Lynley O.
    Ha ha they appealed to me! But probably because they do look really Adams family-ish. Would love to see the look on the health vistor's face ...
  • Berni
    where can you buy this product in the UK? Berni
  • tiffany
    you can get them from a UK site called it's for prem babies but has all kinds of weird and wonderful things, including zaky hands.
  • Perkins6316
    Hi my two twins in iTunes born at 24 weeks, I'm after two pairs of these
  • SLN
    These pillows can appear a bit creepy to first look at but they are amazing comfort for premature infants that cannot get cuddles and containment on demand. I have seen them used only once and they were so effective and quite cute to see. I am trying to get hold of some for my next expected arrival in Feb and think they would work a treat.

What do you think?

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