Celebaby: Katherine And Kirsten Would Give It All Up To Have Kids

3 December 2011

For all the celebrities who have children or are expecting them, there are those still to leap on the baby bandwagon - Jennifer Anniston springs to mind - but Katherine Jenkins and Kirstin Dunst have recently spoken out about how they'd give up all their fame tomorrow to start a family.

Katherine Jenkins

I think I have a bit of a girl crush on Katherine Jenkins - she's stunning, down to earth and her voice can melt the coldest of hearts.  She's engaged to Gethin Jones, of ex-Blue Peter and Strictly Come Dancing fame, and has confessed she'd give up the fame and the celebrity lifestyle to have children.

"Growing up with my family gave me some of my best memories.  I’d like to have a family of my own – slip away for a bit and do nothing but spend those early years with my children.  I’d like to think I can come back, but I believe children are a gift and I want to enjoy them some time in the next few years. Gethin does too."

You just know that not only would Katherine be a wonderful mother, she'd make it look like the easiest job on the planet too;  imagine being sung to sleep every night, as a child, by Katherine Jenkins!  Her children are going to be very lucky littlies indeed.

Kirsten Dunst

Whenever I think of Kirsten Dunst, I think first of all the irritating screaming she did in Spiderman 1 and 2 and then of the ultimately focused tennis player in Wimbledon.

I don't think of her being very mummsy at all, but apparently she is.  She's just turned 30 (ha, that sounds so young now I'm almost out of that decade) and her biological clock is beginning to tick just that little bit louder.

Speaking to Lucky magazine (it's a US mag' which is why you've probably not heard of it, I hadn't either) she's said...

"I thought when I reached 30 I'd have a lot more figured out. Until you have a kid, you're just looking for your partner and guys have a Peter Pan vibe - they're 35 and they act like they're 25. That's what scares me about being in my 30s - not finding someone to have kids with."

She also went on to say how she's looking forward to leaving Hollywood and Manhattan behind.

"I can't wait to re-live life in a little kid's way," she revealed, "I'm so ready for that lifestyle - get a little place upstate and have them go to school up there."

It seems that no matter who you are, the grass is always greener on the other side of New York and Hollywood.

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