Celebaby: Iris Law's Love Hearts Dress Gets A Frosty Reception

21 February 2012

Oooh with a headline like THAT I reckon I could land myself a job as trashy headline writer for a tabloid!  There's not much going on (still) in Celebaby land but this story has me intrigued, see what you think...

SO, Sadie Frost and her daughter Iris are due to attend a fashion show during London Fashion Week; you can imagine one of the biggest dilemmas when attending such an event is what on earth to wear!

Sadie is 46 now and Iris, 11 - Sadie wore black leggings, a chiffon blouse with a vest top underneath and a coral pink cardigan on the top; Iris wore a dress with Love Hearts printed on it and ooooh did it cause a stir!

You see, the Love Hearts didn't have the usual 'Kiss Me' and 'I Love You' messages written on them, OH no, they had 'Blow Me', "Drink Poison', 'Drop Dead' and various other messages, complete with expletives, on the hearts.

Now here's where my intrigue lies - Sadie says this about the whole dress furore, "I seem to have upset people & am shocked myself about the dress Iris wore to Vivienne Westwoods show. Iris had been bought it as a present.  I assumed it was just the sayings the sweets have on them. I'm sorry for any upset it may have caused..Iris is a sweet, innocent girl."

Now whilst it's unclear who bought Iris the Love Hearts dress, I have to ask why the dress wasn't looked at a little closer before it was bought and subsequently making its debut outing?

Whenever I've bought my daughter a dress, I take a good look at it to make sure all the seams are tight and that there are no loose threads; I also like to see her in it to make sure it fits properly.

Whenever my mum bought me anything to wear, I'd try it on lots, look at it lots and there would be no WAY dodgy slogans on anything would have gone unnoticed!  ESPECIALLY with a Love Hearts dress - when I was little I'd take all the Love Hearts out of the packet so I could read them all - I'd want to read the hearts on my dress!

I really don't buy into the story that not a single soul noticed that the sayings on the dress were massively inappropriate for anyone, let alone an 11-year-old girl, until they were sat on the front row of the catwalk for Vivienne Westwood's show.

What do you think?!

What do you think?

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