Celebaby: Holly Willoughby Is Expecting Her Third Baby

15 March 2014

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Holly Willoughby has announced that she is expecting her third child.

The TV presenter and mum of two made the announcement on her official website, eschewing the trend for spilling the beans via social networking sites.

She wrote:

"Surprise Surprise (and it was a surprise!!) I’m really happy and excited to tell you that Dan and I are expecting baby number 3!!"

"We feel blessed and very lucky to be giving Belle and Harry a little brother or sister later this year. xxx"

Holly later took to Twitter to say:

"Thank you everyone for your lovely tweets…can't stop smiling! xxx"

Holly and husband Dan Baldwin tied the knot in 2007 and the couple have two children, Harry (4)  and Belle (2).

Back in 2012 Holly admitted that she wouldn't be able to juggle her career with her kids if it weren't for her "brilliant" nanny.

She told New! magazine:

"It's one of those things that is too important not to get right. I make sure the balance is absolutely perfect. I do have a nanny, who's here when I'm at work. She's brilliant. I couldn't do anything without out her."

"This Morning is perfect because I'm home by 1.30pm pretty much every afternoon. And we don't work during school holidays. I've sort of got the schedule of a teacher!"

The schedule, perhaps, but a decidedly more glamorous lifestyle.

Congrats to Holly and Dan on their surprise baby!

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