Celebaby: Fearne Cotton Goes Back To Her Roots

4 October 2012

The genes handed down to me by my mother and paternal grandmother conspired to ensure I started going grey at about 24 years of age; as a result, I have fabulous plum coloured hair which, currently, has some rather hectic grey roots showing through (I really must do something about them, it's getting embarrassing now)!

Fearne Cotton has been photographed with some equally hectic dark roots showing through her, usually, blonde hair.  I didn't realise that Fearne wasn't a natural blonde, but she's clearly not and is letting her blonde hair grow out rather than continue dying it.

It's long been standard advice not to dye your hair when you're pregnant - it's widely considered that the chemicals in permanent, and semi-permanent, hair colour can travel through the body and placenta and affect unborn children.

It's going to be interesting to see how much more Fearn's hair grows during her pregnancy - some women's hair grows like crazy, mine did!

In other news - well, sort of news - there are rumours that Avril Lavigne is preggars!

The only thing is rumour is based on is Avril covering her stomach with a blanket when she got out of a car recently - she MUST be expecting then, it couldn't possibly be for any other reason.

Avril's engaged to Chad Kroeger, of Nickleback fame, and whether or not she's sporting a baby bump is the current talk among those who run the rumour mill.

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