Celebaby: Emma Heming-Willis Shares Snap Of Baby Evelyn

31 May 2014

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Emma Heming-Willis took to Instagram to share this adorable snap of her newborn daughter Evelyn gazing lovingly at her big sister, two-year-old Mabel. The new mum added the caption:

"The start of a beautiful friendship #MabelRay#EvelynPenn"

The Daily Mail reports:

"The 35-year-old model and her 59-year-old husband Bruce Willis welcomed Evelyn earlier this month."

"The photo shows Mabel gently cradling her baby sister's head while the newborn gazes up at her sibling."

Emma also shared a snap of her breastfeeding her baby, which caused something of a stir on the social media site. She added the caption:

"Breakfast of Champions. Photo cred: B. Willis"

One follower complained, however, commenting:

"Do you really have to post a pic of this! That's something you do in private!"

But Emma clearly didn't let the critics get to her, as she retorted:

"Do you eat in private? Didn't think so. Nor does my child."

She later added:

"I'm amazed by the haters! And could care less :)"

So what do you think? Is sharing a snap of yourself taken whilst breastfeeding your baby taking the selfie phenomenon a step too far?

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