Celebaby: Double Joy For Mariah Carey

3 February 2011

mariahCarey1Like the entire world hadn't already guessed that Mariah Carey and her husband are expecting twins!

What with her incredible - how can I put it - 'voluptuousness' from rather early on, to her referring to the bump as 'they' a couple of months ago, it all pretty much gave the game away.

The twins aren't due until April, how can that be?! Seriously, this feels like the longest celebrity pregnancy in history!

The rumours and the speculation from fans and the media, combined with all the little hints and teasing comments from Mr and Mrs Carey have resulted in it feeling as if Mariah's been pregnant for at least the last couple of years.

The first people Mariah told that she was carrying twins was none other than Michelle and Barrack Obama - not many people can say that the US President was the first to know!

Mr Carey (I must stop calling him that), Nick Cannon, spilled the beans on his radio show and Mariah finally relented and took to her Twitter account to spread the news to the masses.

So now we know everything...apart from names. Cue the next Mariah fan and media frenzy.

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