Celebaby: Danielle O'Hara Shares Cute Kissing Baby Pic

1 February 2014

Danielle O'Hara took to Twitter and Instagram to share this cute snap of her with her little boy.

Along with the picture, she wrote:

"Archie's big kisses loves his mummy"

The mum of three also posted a snap of her posing in her underwear along with the caption:

"Six-pack for Vegas coming on nicely! Don't forget to watch splash tomorrow night ITV 6.50pm and vote please"

The Daily Mail reports:

"Danielle, who only gave birth to her third son in August, has well-defined abs and slim arms after working hard to regain her shape."

"Last summer she opened up about her insecurities, saying: ''I'm not confident being naked in front of my husband. Jamie's my best friend and always tells me he loves me no matter what. But I go to bed in big fluffy pyjamas.' However, these thoughts now appear to be far from her mind." 

Danielle is married to footballer Jamie O'Hara, and the couple have three sons; Archie (3), Harry (2) and baby George, who was born in August last year.

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