Celebaby: Who's The Daddy? Simon Cowell!

1 August 2013

Simon Cowell is a father-to-be, according to a report published in American celebrity magazine US Weekly.

The magazine reports that Manhattan socialite Lauren Silverman, who is the estranged wife of Cowell's close friend Andrew Silverman, is around 10 weeks pregnant with Cowell's child. The Silvermans also have a son together.

Daddy-in-waiting Simon Cowell has yet to refer to the baby news on his Twitter page, but the Daily Mail in the UK reports that:

"A close friend of X Factor multimillionaire Cowell confirmed the news to MailOnline and said that Lauren, 36,  who is married to real estate mogul Andrew Silverman, said just a few weeks ago that she wants to marry the star."

The Mail also reports that Cowell had this to say in a recent interview on the subject of becoming a father:

"I haven’t ruled it out. If I knew I could be - how do I put this delicately - faithful, I would. I do like kids, I’m just not sure I’d be any good for the first six months. I don’t think I’d adopt because I’d rather have my own. I’d have to say I’d like a little girl."

Let's just hope he doesn't approach his fatherly duties with the same stern demeanour that he reserves for his TV shows. "It's a no from me" won't go down well when presented with a nappy emergency!

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