Celebaby: Sir Chris Hoy Is To Become A Dad

28 June 2014

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Olympic champion  Sir Chris Hoy is to become a father for the first time! And judging by the first media interview he's given about his happy news, he's pretty delightfully naive about what's in store when it comes to parenthood!

The Telegraph reports:

"Champion cyclist Sir Chris Hoy is to become a father for the first time."

"The six-time Olympic champion, who retired last year, said the timing could not be better."

"Sir Chris told Sky Sports News: ''Everybody I speak to when I ask about them and their experiences about becoming a parent, they mention lack of sleep, which I'm not great with so that'll be a big challenge. I think maybe I'm just blindly optimistic that it's going to be great fun and dead easy. I'm sure it won't be, I'm sure there'll be lots of tough things but I'm just very excited. It all seems to have happened at the right time.'"

Which got me thinking - don't we all start out on our journey to parenthood believing it's all going to be nothing short of 'great fun and dead easy'? I know I didn't really listen to anyone who tried to warn me about the horrors of sleep deprivation, or about what a shock to the system the lifestyle change from non-parent to new mum can be.

But I reckon that's exactly as it should be. I don't think we should try to disabuse expectant parents of the notion that having a baby is just one great big endless round of fun and frolics. It's unfair to try to burst their bubble, and since they're unlikely to really 'get it' until they actually experience parenthood for themselves it's also pointless.

What we should do is make sure we're on hand for our friends with plenty of tea and sympathy once their baby arrives and the sleep deprivation starts taking its toll. That's the time to offer pearls of wisdom, and the only one that really helps is a heartfelt 'It gets easier, honest!'

What do you think?

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