Celebaby: I Don't Care About Sarah! *OUCH*

23 October 2010

stewart1A couple of weeks ago we told you about Rod Stewart and his eldest daughter Sarah.

She was a 'love child' that he had when he was 17 and not quite as famous as he is now; in fact, not famous at all.

The story has a happy 'beginning' as Rod and Sarah have been building a father-daughter relationship, since the death of Sarah's adoptive parents (she was adopted when she was five years old).

Baby-making malarky takes two to tango and now Sarah's biological mother has joined the party - but don't expect happy families here, because she's made it quite clear that she doesn't want anything to do with either of them and saying, "...I don't care about Sarah anymore."

Now I don't know whether she decided to speak to the Daily Mail for free, just wanted to put her side of the story across and bitch and moan about how tedious it is reading about Rod Stewart...

"I don’t see why his having another baby is news. I find the whole thing rather tedious. I am very bored of hearing about Rod. It’s really something I’d like to put behind me."

Which is why you've gone running to the Daily Mail and had your name and face splashed all over it...makes perfect sense to me: sour grapes and the chance to make a quick buck (perhaps)

Sounds like this is one biological mother you're better off without!

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