Celebaby: Bits And Pieces

5 April 2013

All of my days are out this week - I've been a day behind since Monday, which I was convinced was Sunday. Tuesday was Monday and I can't believe it's Friday already.  So for this one-off (and strange feeling) Friday Celebaby, here are a few bits and pieces of idle Celebaby tittle-tattle.

Edith Bowman, of former Radio One fame, gave birth to a little baby boy a month ago - guess what she's called him.  Go on, guess.  If you don't already know, you'll never guess it in a million years. She's called him...SPIKE!  Seriously, Spike?!  What. On. EARTH was she thinking?!! I can only shake my head in wonder and disbelief.

The rumour mill is whispering about the possibility of another Malawi Madonna adoption, purely, it would seem, because she's back in the country and has been photographed cuddling a young black lad.

She's gone back to Malawi with all of her children, it fulfills part of her promise to take the children she adopted from the country - son, David and daughter, Mercy - back to their homeland every two to three years.

You know, I wonder what it's like for them to go back and see what their lives could have been like had Madonna not plucked them out of there - I think it must be very sobering for them.

Heidi Klum hit the headlines earlier this week when she rescued her seven-year-old son, Henry, and his two nannies when they got swept away by a rip tide in Hawaii.  She had a black bikini on at the time, if it had been red the pictures  printed in the press could have been stills from a Baywatch episode!

In a statement made to US Weekly, Heidi said:

We got pulled into the ocean by a big wave. Of course, as a mother, I was very scared for my child and everyone else in the water. Henry is a strong swimmer and was able to swim back to land. We were able to get everyone out safely. 

These photos taken recently look much worse than it really was that day. I did what any mother would do. Henry swam out of it. I grabbed him at the shore. The nannies were the ones in much deeper trouble. Never underestimate the power of the ocean!

What a relief it must have been when everyone was safely out of the water; scary stuff indeed!

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