Celebaby: Bitchy Mamas

14 October 2010

priceKatonaWhat lovely role models for their children, and impressionable teenage girls, Katie Price and Kerry Katona are!  Real ambassadors for the female species!

I really can't say most of the things I'd like to, for fear of 1) getting the sack and 2) ending up in court on various charges - but I can't help feeling the world would be a better place with them banished to obscurity.

This is obviously something both are terrified of, hence the endless and very tedious ongoing slagging-off of each other that's  been going on since 2007.

I was abroad recently and thankfully, where I was, no one really knows who they are - they really are very Z-list overseas - but I'm telling you, if someone asked me nationality and said, "British? Like Katie Price or Kerry Katona?" I'd LIE and say I was from Outer Mongolia or anywhere to be disassociated with these horrendous women.

The latest is Kerry shouting her mouth off saying she'd take Katie in a fight any day! WHO CARES??!!!

It's the kids I feel sorry for - with their mothers acting like children in a playground, what chance do THEY have!?


  • Theo C.
    More attention for them here, then. Nice way to help banish them to obscurity.
  • magicbeans
    pathetic the lot of them. holding onto any thread of publicity they can get!

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