Celebaby: NO Beyonce Baby And Baby Branson Gets Married

3 January 2012

NO Beyonce Baby

After a crazy rash of rumours over 30 December and New Year's Eve that Beyonce had given birth to her daughter, and named her Tiana May Carter, the whisperings (well more like 'yellings' actually) have been quashed.

Not by official statement though, but by going out for dinner in Brooklyn - it must get tiresome reading rumours about yourself all the time so I wonder if celebs, who rarely comment on their private lives, get some kind of amusement from being able to 'taunt' the press just by going out.

You can just imagine Jay Z and Beyonce chuckling away that simply going out for dinner on New Year's Eve would spark another media story in, what's become, the Great Beyonce Pregnancy farce - a comedy tale of rumours, conspiracy and the absolute outrageous.

So, still no Beyonce baby; any bets as to when the next B baby story hits the headlines?  Tomorrow?  You're probably right.

Holly Branson

Holly Branson got married on her Dad's private Island - Necker Island - over Christmas, despite fire tearing through the entire place earlier in the year.

Richard Branson got married there too, when Holly was eight years old, and whilst I don't know much about Holly I do love the story of how her dad came to acquire the island for a rock bottom price  - if I'd written it as a deal it would've been the deal of the century!

So, Richard Branson and his then fiancee were bored and decided to look around a few islands that were for sale.  They didn't have any money (well, not as much money as they have now) and blagged their way through the viewings until they were busted and that was the end of that.  Years later, and lots of money in the bank later too, Richard Branson was contacted asking if he was still interested in Necker Island - the then owner had run into hard times and was prepared to sell for a bargain price of (and I'm quoting from memory here, it's a long time ago since I read the book) less than £250,000.

It went something like that anyway - hurrah for bargain hunting, I wonder when I'll come across MY Necker Island deal...?

Holly will soon be joining the Celebaby Bump Watch list, if her dad gets his wish at least.  Apparently Richard Branson has been/still is itching for Holly to have a baby so he can play the doting grandfather.

"He was really keen for me to be pregnant walking down the aisle. He didn't think we should worry about being married first.  My parents weren't married before they had Sam and I, but both had been married before and it didn't work, so I think for us, it's nice to do everything in the right order."

And new husband Freddie agrees, he had this to say to Hello! mag',  "Both of us would love to start a family and we think that marriage is the first step to getting that underway."

Sounds to me like Mr B will get his wish in the not too distant future!

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