Celebaby: The Beckham Boys

2 August 2011

celebaby2AugustI can't resist it any longer.

The press of a certain kind (ie NOT The Guardian) are full of various snaps and stories about the Beckham boys and their endless days of surfing on the beach in Malibu.

The entire Beckham clan have decamped to a £93,000 a month beach front mansion, owned and rented from Steven Spielberg, so that Victoria can recover from the birth of Harper Seven.

The boys have been flirting with the papparazzi in recent days; Gordon Ramsay has been over to visit with his wife and kids, to see his goddaughter (did we MISS the christening?!) and Victoria's not been spotted at all.

I know it's cynical, but I can't help imagining she's holed up in that mansion exercising like a women possessed and measuring her body fat every half an hour!

WHY would you go and stay somewhere so amazing and not set foot outside to enjoy the sun, sand and surf?  A 'magic' post-pregnancy reveal can be the only logical explanation - I hope she puts a smile on her face whenever she does decide to put in an appearance, I rather doubt it though.

It seems the boys have scant regard for pouting and looking miserable; judging by the pictures of them surfing, it looks like they're having a blast.

Romeo Beckham (8) also seems to have a rather dry sense of humour - he was papped yesterday, on the beach again, wearing a Wayne Rooney Manchester United football shirt. Maybe it's just me, but I think that's pretty funny.

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  • Kate B.
    I found myself laughing out loud at your post, and had a clear mental image of VB exercising her little socks off when I, at a similar time after having my daughter was probably still adhering to the 'sleep when the baby sleeps' with bags under my eyes and jogging pants which hadn't been washed for weeks - and that got me thinking perhaps your post is a little too presumptive. I actually give the Beckhams credit here for doing an amazingly thoughtful thing - that is, taking themselves and their boys to a 'dream' location where the boys can swim, surf and sunbathe whilst VB and DB adjust to becoming new parents again. I know too many young children who suffer due to the arrival of a new sibling - how much the blow might be softened by a beach front location - running around in the sun without a care, without giving much thought to the new little bundle of joy who has entered their world and will demand much of their mum and dads time for these next few months. Perhaps Harper Seven is keeping mummy and daddy on their toes and sleeping all day whilst playing all night, perhaps she wants to feed constantly, perhaps she cries each time she's put down in her cot, perhaps she's suffering from colic leaving her parents frantic.. Perhaps Victoria hasn't stepped foot outside her luxury pad because as soon as she gets a minute she takes the opportunity to catch a few zzzz, shower or just open a magazine and try to remember what sleep felt like.. how many of us can relate? No doubt Harper Seven is an angel child - already sleeps 12 hours at night and a 4 hour nap in day, smiles and gurgles away on her play mat whilst VB powers through her post pregnancy work out to achieve a size 0 within weeks - but a small part of me can't help wondering that perhaps life with a little one for the Beckhams, isn't all too different from our own! x

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