Celebaby: Beckham Baby Number Five?

13 October 2012

The rumour mill is running away with itself, in full force, again - this time the Beckhams are back on the 'menu'.

There are suggestions that the family of six are heading back to the UK, permanently.  They were all here during the summer, for the Olympics, and, by all accounts, the kids had such a great time it's sparked a renewed love for the country.

Beckingham Palace in Hertfordshire is reportedly on the market (or being put on the market, different sources are saying different things) for a whopping £18 million - I wonder if anyone will actually want to live there after the Beckhams?

I'm not very good at being affected by 'celebrity' - I have friends who mix in celeb' circles and I've attended parties where there've been a few famous faces and I find myself trying my absolute best not to notice them.  So if I had £18 mill', was in the market for a house and Beckingham Palace was exactly what I was looking for, I probably wouldn't buy it because of its former residents.

Anyway, that aside, the other Beckham rumour is that concerning baby number five!  Harper is just over one year old now and Victoria and David have always spoken about having a large family.

One of those useful sources has been speaking to the press on this very subject, and had this to say, "Victoria is being very quiet about things. But she had never made it a secret that she didn’t see why she would stop after baby number four.  She loves having a big family and David has always said he would be thrilled if they had another child."

Four c-sections might be a good reason to stop at four babies!  But there's more smoke to this particular rumour fire: during the Olympic Spice Girls reunion (I know you're trying to erase it from your memories, sorry) Victoria made mention of strange food cravings, didn't drink any alcohol during the backstage celebrations and was asked, outright, whether or not she was pregnant - apparently she just smiled.

Victoria SMILED! Forget moving back to England and baby rumours, THAT'S breaking news all of its own!!

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  • magicbeans
    lol @ smile!!

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