Celebaby: Still No New Baby News

28 August 2012

I'm getting bored waiting for new babies now - they're all going to come along at once aren't they!

You know things are bad when I start looking around to see what Chantelle, Alex and baby Dolly have been up to - even THEY'VE been unusually quiet, although I did discover that Alex has been away recording a short something-or-other for the BBC.

This has prompted yet more rumours that he and Chantelle have split up and her to deny them by saying, "Alex is away in Wales as I’m writing this. He’s in a short film for the BBC and is gone for the whole week.  I think having time apart is a good thing, especially as things have been strained between us.  

Another magazine said he and I are heading for a custody battle over Dolly, but that’s not even on the agenda. We haven’t split up.  Another story said I "hate" Alex for what he’s done. Of course I was upset, anyone would be in my position, but I don’t hate him.  Hate is a very strong word."

Well that's cleared that up then, thanks!  I can sleep again at night now and will one of you preggars celebrities, PLEASE, hurry up and have one of your babies now so I don't have to resort to such desperate measures again - I'd be MOST grateful!

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