Breaking Celebaby News: Dannii Minogue Is Pregnant!

13 January 2010

At last! A proper bona fide celebrity has given me something to write about here on danniithe Celebaby page of Play Pennies.

Dannii Minogue has confirmed today that she is expecting her first child with her rugby player boyfriend.

Following lots of internet speculation, the Aussie X Factor judge is reported to have made her announcement soon after receiving the results of her 12-week scan.

According to the Daily Mail, fount of all knowledge when it comes to celebs, the 38-year-old X Factor judge and former rugby league player Kris Smith, 31, are  'very excited' about the baby, due in July.

And in true 21st century style, they broke the news via Twitter:


All together now, aaahhhhhhhh.


  • Emma K.
    I find it funny that celebs announce this kind of thing on Twitter now :)
  • John D.
    "proper celebrity"? gimme a break. She's known as being the sister of Kylie, or as the Minogue sister than can't sing. There are people who have carved their names into park benches who have more of a celebrity status than she does.
  • Heidi S.
    Emma, I know. Whatever next?! Oh come on now, John! 12 consecutive number one singles! Name one of these park bench vandals who can compete with that.
  • goon
    as gay as two guys kissing
  • Mike H.
    Woo hoo, couldn't care less Danni, would you give a sh1t if I popped a sprog? No.
  • Rubisco
    @heidi - She has never had a #1 single, even in her native Australia. I take it you're referring to the pathetic joke that is the UK dance chart... That doesn't count, even to dance music fans!

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