Celebaby: Tori Spelling Suffering With A Bit Of SPD Perhaps?

18 August 2012

Tori Spelling has taken to motorised transportation to help her get around; preggars with baby number four (pretty much straight after baby number three arrived) who is due to arrive pretty soonish, she was spotted out with her five-year-old son, Liam, travelling by motorised scooter.

Tori didn't spend the entire time driving around in her scooter - she was up and about on her feet a fair bit whilst mooching around the open air market that she and Liam had gone to.

She's come under fire a bit in recent months for 'constantly' being photographed in various bikinis whilst preggo and, even though I think she's a bit baby/pregnancy mad (I can't help thinking baby number five won't be a surprise to the whole world), I do think she's entitled to some basic respect and hope she doesn't get slammed for using a motorised scooter to help ease things a little bit in the closing stages of pregnancy number four.

I wonder if she's suffering with a bit of Symphysis Pubis Disfunction (SPD - a condition that causes the ligaments holding the pelvis together to become too loose and the pelvis to be misaligned - VERY painful by all accounts)?  Snookie was also seen using a scooter a while ago (she must be due to pop any day now too!) perhaps she was suffering too rather than just being lazy, as was hinted at by the 'lovely' media.

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