Celebaby: Tamara Ecclestone Shares Pic Of Baby Sophia's First Flight

1 May 2014

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New mum Tamara Ecclestone has taken to Instagram to share a snap of her little family on their first flight since baby Sophia's arrival.

But of course it wasn't just your average cram-everyone-onto-a-budget-airline moment for the Formula 1 heiress, oh no.

Reveal magazine reports:

"The brunette shared two photographs to Instagram on Tuesday night (29 April) showing herself cradling baby Sophia while sitting on a private jet."

"One image also shows her husband Jay Rutland proudly posing next to them."

"Tamara wrote the caption: 'Our baby's first flight just landed in Marrakech to shoot @ShowBeauty ad campaign she behaved like the little angel she is.'"

Now call me an old cynic but I'm pretty sure most babies would behave beautifully when travelling in supreme luxury. My first flight with my baby involved all sorts of stress, from the mad 'every man for himself' scramble to get seats together with the rest of my family  on the jam-packed budget airplane, to having to unpack and repack our suitcase in the checking-in queue in order to get it down to within the weight restriction!

How about you? Have you travelled with a tiny baby, and survived to tell the tale? Come and find us on Facebook to share your horror stories or top tips on travelling with kids...


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