Celebaby: Stuff And Nonsense

3 November 2012

Here's a bit of Celebaby 'stuff and nonsense' for you on this Saturday morning - happy Saturday everyone!


SO, newspaper reports are suggesting that Harper Beckham hasn't been photographed wearing the same outfit once during the 15 months of her little life.  Whether or not that's true, it's very clear to see from the recent photographs of her toddling along on her own two feet, that she's going to grow up to be stunning - she's already a really pretty dot of a thing!


Preggars Radio One DJ, Fearne Cotton, discovered that some kids are just horrible on Halloween - three boys out trick or treating decided they didn't like being given sweets, instead of money, and threw them at her.

Fearne recounted what happened on her radio show the following day:

At about 8.30pm, the doorbell went for the last time and I answered; there were three little kids there.  'The first kid said to me, "Have you got any money?" and I said, "No, you can have a sweet". The oldest kid took a big handful of sweets and walked back down the path.  As the other two little kids took sweets for themselves, the older kid shouts, "I don't like these ones" and starts throwing toffees at my face

Little gits! This is why I DESPISE Halloween and trick or treating - it's nothing more than commercialised begging as far as I'm concerned.

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