Celebaby: Simpson Speaks Out And...Is That The Sarkozy Baby?!

1 November 2011

Jessica Simpson has finally confessed that she's pregnant - Jess, tell us something we hadn't already figured out for ourselves! - deciding to use Twitter, her website and Halloween to do it.  AND is that Mr and Mrs Sarkozy strolling along with their new baby?  The one who was never going to be exposed?  That one!

Jessica Simpson

Last week the rumours were rife that her father, who is also her manager, was demanding a cool half a million dollars for the rights to be the glossy magazine/TV show to break the news.  The thing is, no one seemed willing to pay that much with the media as a whole saying she just wasn't worth that much. Ouch!

Perhaps Jessica just had other ideas when she worked out all the dates, decided to keep quiet until Halloween then could dress up as a mummy and say, "HEY! Guess what? I'm going to be a mummy!" 

Next up, a couple of million for the exclusive baby pictures perhaps?  Well you might as well try, not asking - not getting and all that.

I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with S!

Is it...sunshine?

Nope, it's cloudy here in my part of the world.

Erm...is it SLIPPERS?!

Nope, but my feet are lovely and warm, thanks.  No, it's little Miss Sarkozy out with her parents and if you don't know what all the fuss is about, here's a quick French lesson for you.

Nicolas Sarkozy is the French president; he divorced his wife and then after, very publicly, going out with Carla Bruni for just 80 days, married her!  The French didn't like it.  They liked it even less when the couple threw Carla's young son into the publicity mix and Nicolas' popularity ratings plummeted.

I'm sure his political decisions also had something to do with this, but it's safe to say the French public aren't his number one fans - tricky when you need them on your side to keep your job!

So, when the news of this baby was made public there were whisperings that it was incredibly 'well-timed' to coincide with the upcoming elections. Then there was much talk that this new baby would never be photographed by, or exposed to media, or in any way used as part of the election campaign; let me quote Carla Bruni for you...

I will do everything to protect this child. I will never show pictures of this child, I will never expose this child. I think exposure to public life is a choice to be made by an adult

It's a bold and sweeping statement and one that, I think, is going to be impossible to achieve unless they keep the poor little thing locked up in the Elyesse Palace forever - her name is Guilia by the way.

BUT isn't it a 'coincidence' that there just happened to be photographers nearby when the threesome decided to take a stroll; you can't beat a happy family shots to boost your popularity ratings.

Cynical? Moi?!  Non!!!

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