Celebaby: Simon Cowell Wants To Be Godfather To Terri Seymour's Baby...

27 September 2014

Terri Seymour

Remember back before Simon Cowell was a Daddy when he used to date British actress Terri Seymour? No? Well ok, never mind. The point is: she's pregnant!

Terri and her boyfriend Clark Mallon are announcing their first child together.

Which is sweet and lovely, and we're always glad to hear baby news... but here's the thing that's baffling me. Her old flame, none other than Mr Cowell says he wants to be the godfather. And just as I was trying to wrap my head around that, Terri said:

"'His reaction was really sweet, extremely happy for me, then he turned around to me and said, ‘Of course, I obviously have to be the godfather,’' the mom-to-be says. 'I was like, ‘Okay,’ and he said, ‘I’m serious.’ It kind of makes sense since I’m [his son] Eric‘s godmother.”

I can't be the only who finds all this a bit weird, surely? I mean who actually asks their ex-partner to be the godfather of their child? And not just as a one-off but as some sort of you-godparent-my-child-and-I'll-godparent-yours deal. It's not your average godparently arrangement, is it?

Tell me, does your child have godparents and, if so, you did more than call up an old flame and ask them to do the honours, right? Right?

Some things surely only happen in Hollywood...

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