Celebaby: Red Carpet Baby Bumps

27 January 2011

myleeneHollyEmmaThere's definitely a celebrity baby explosion heading our way, last night the baby bumps were out in force on the National Television Awards red carpet.

Myleene Klass and Holly Willoughby opted for floor-length dresses, whereas former Spice Girl Emma Bunton wore a mid-length dress.

Emma and Holly opted for classy and classic black dresses but Mylene went for canary yellow!  Yellow...?  What was she thinking?

Hardly anyone can pull off wearing canary yellow - I look like I've got a very bad case of jaundice if I go anywhere near any shade of it - not only that, wearing it from head to foot is a BAD idea and Myleene just looked like a huge banana!

Both Holly and Myleene tweeted to the world what they were up to in the run up to their red carpet arrival (because obviously we  were ALL sitting on the edges of our seats waiting for the next inane installment in their lives)...

Holly - "On my way to pick up @schofe and his lovely wife Steph, already regretting the huge bowl of macaroni cheese I just had! Xxx"

Myleene - "Attempting to paint nails in back of the car without ruining my @kyristyle dress (thanks doll). Burnt neck with tongs earlier. Clumsy"

THEN later, she tweeted a picture of her nails and asked, "Do you think I did OK?" Oh spare me, please!

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  • Lynley O.
    is there a rule that if you're a pregnant celebrity you MUST put your hand on stomach when having photo taken? Is it so that for people who don't know, or if photo gets used later when not pregnant, it won't simply look like they were fat?
  • Sarah M.
    Yes - it's the LAW!

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