Celebaby: Not Pregnant and Not Pregnant!

23 November 2010

celebaby1Those very useful sources are denying all the rumours flying around that Beyonce (yes, still) and Christina Aguilera are preggars. In fact, Beyonce was her own useful source.

I wonder how it feels to be the subject of such speculation which will only come from you looking a little 'rounder' than usual..?

I know how it feels to be on the other side - I was at a party once when I made THAT fatal error and asked the Lady Mayoress' sister when her baby was due.

The look on her face as the words continued to fall out of my mouth were enough, I didn't need to hear her say, "It's not. I always look like this..." *cringe*


Tight-lipped super-private Beyonce and Jay Z have both spoken out now about the endless pregnancy rumours - isn't that interesting, coming from the couple who hardly EVER comment on their private lives!

In a recent interview she said that she's not bothered by the constant rumours about her maternal status, saying, "At this point, they say that I've been pregnant like eight times, so I am kind of used to it."

"I just hope that one day when I decide to be pregnant that people are happy for me... One day hopefully I will be. It's part of being a celebrity, I guess."

I'll be happy for her when pregnancy rumour 152 turns out to be true.


Christina Aguilera recently performed at the American Music Awards wearing a tight body suit which sparked the question 'has she just piled on the pounds or is her son, Max, going to have a baby brother or sister to play with soon!?'

A close source, however, has spoken out and said that she's not expecitng...

"She is going through a hard time, getting divorced, opening a film (
Burlesque) and caring for her son and hasn't had time to work out."

I don't think I'd wear a skin-tight bodysuit if I hadn't had time to work out.  Actually, I would NEVER wear a skin-tight bodysuit!

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