Celebaby: The Nation's Most Famous Celebaby Is Getting Hitched

20 November 2010

princeWilliamThe other day we were chatting away at PlayPennies HQ when Lynley said, "What do we all think of the Royal Wedding then?"

"What Royal wedding?" I answered.

"The one between Prince Thingy and whats-her-face...erm..." Tamsin said.

Oh yes, we're a right bunch of Royal watchers here, so I went off in search of news - it wasn't difficult to find as there's comment and opinion EVERYWHERE!

I hope Prince William and Kate Middleton (sorry, Katherine - we're supposed to be calling her Katherine now) have a Spring wedding, because endless days of media overload between now and Summer is going to be agony.

According to some journos, Katherine set out to snare Prince William with a ruthless efficiency and so it's no wonder she smiling like the cat who got the cream.

Others are saying it will never last because she comes from 'normal' stock and her parents sell stuff on the internet - albeit self-made millionaires with an internet business empire, I guess that doesn't make for very good headlines.

Some say it's a dream come true, for a girl to become a princess and then queen - who are THEY kidding?!

Her fiancees mother was hounded by the paparazzi, was hideously miserable as part of the Royal household and ended up losing her life tragically early in a car chase because the media couldn't leave well alone!  Oh yes...I'm sure she's thrilled at the prospect of becoming the next 'Diana' - which she will be.

Then there's all the furore about the cost of the wedding - I DON'T CARE! Let them have a big wedding if they want to and not, if they don't. Yes I know it's the tax payer footing a very big chunk of the bill, but I really don't have any issues with that...maybe it's just me.

I'm thrilled for them both, I hope they've found the loves of their lifetime and make it all the way - it's hard enough for Joe Bloggs to do, let alone when the world is watching your every move and analysising every tiny body language indicator.

THAT ring seems to be the source of much deabte too: giving Kate his mother's engagement ring is ultimate sign that he trusts and adores her, versus, it's a second-hand ring that symbolises the start of a very unhappy relationship and marriage; nice.

Then of course there'll be the thorny issue of prodcuing a son and heir - dream come true? Sounds a bit like a nightmare to me!

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