Celebaby: Naomi Watts Wishes She'd Had More Kids

23 September 2014


Naomi Watts As Celebaby stories go, this one made me feel a bit wistful.

According to People magazine, Australian actress Naomi Watts wishes she had more kids. The mag reports:

"The mom of sons Sasha, 7, and Kai, 5½, tells MORE that if she could redo one thing, she’d want a bigger brood."

"'I should have had more kids, started younger,' the actress says in the magazine’s October issue, on newsstands Tuesday."

Naomi also reckons her memory is a bit hazy when it comes to childbirth, and while some mums count themselves lucky for that very reason, Naomi says she'd love to relive the moment and soak up every detail this time around.

People reports:

"'I feel like the births of my children were so huge, but I don’t remember either of them well,' she explains. 'I wish I could have it all back but without the pain.'"

I kind of know what she means. Do you agree? Would you have a bigger brood if you could plan your time again? And are you thankful for the fact that memories of childbirth fade, or do you wish, like Naomi, that you could do it all again and this time savour every second for posterity?!

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