Celebaby: Jessica Ennis-Hill Has Given Birth To A Baby Boy!

19 July 2014

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Have you heard Olympic medallist Jessica Ennis-Hill's baby news?

The heptathlete and new mum shared the happy news with her Twitter fans and followers, writing:

"Our beautiful baby boy Reggie Ennis-Hill was born yesterday. We couldn't be happier x"

The Daily Mail reports:

"The champion, who announced she was pregnant in January, previously said her plans for 2014 had been 'completely turned upside down' when she discovered she was expecting but added she planned on a return to athletics and aims for a medal in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro."

"In a statement, Jessica commented: ‘I have some very unexpected but exciting news to share – Andy and I are expecting a baby.'"

"'We are completely overwhelmed, with excitement and a degree of anxiety that I am sure all first time parents will relate to.'"

'But having had a couple of weeks to think about things from a career point of view I am 100 per cent set on returning to full-time athletics once our baby is born.' 

Much as I hope Jessica's intention to return to full-time athletics works out for her exactly as she wishes, reading this made me remember my own career plans pre-parenthood. I was all set to return to work full-time, with my husband taking over the lion's share of childcare since his working life allowed greater flexibility than mine at the time.

In the end things didn't work out like that - I ended up with a (completely unexpected) redundancy package and the chance to be at home with my baby full-time for a year, and when that came to an end there was no way I could bear to go back to a full-time job. So I branched out into a new career opportunity that allowed me to go freelance, working around my kids.

What about you? How did having a baby change your career plans, and did you do whatever you thought you would once the baby actually arrived?

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