Celebaby: Who's The Jackson Daddy?

2 October 2010

It was only a matter of time before the next Jackson 'scandal' broke - I wonder if 'The Family' have a full-time member of staff who deals with all the stories, allegations and general hoo-hah that seems to be printed about them every day?

I might be Blankets' father

mattFiddesA former 'unofficial' security guard has recently come forward claiming that he could be Blanket Jackson's father (the word 'former' should be a bit of a clue - nothing like a disgruntled ex-employee!).

"I have reasons to believe that since my high court case... that Michael Jackson... confirmed that he used [my] sperm to conceive Blanket Jackson because he wanted an athletic child.

Since then, I've seen pictures of Blanket in karate suits with a ponytail... and there is a strong resemblance. My own mother has been questioning me about the resemblance. I've had friends call me up and say, 'I've just seen a picture of Blanket Jackson, he's your son isn't he Matt?'"

"I've had to come clean to them, because I'd lied to protect Michael's privacy."

I've had to come clean? Oh do me a favour! More like, I can see a way to make some cash!

So let's suppose he IS the father? Then what? Will he want visitation rights? Or some sort of financial compensation for genetics donated?

Well that's what you'd think isn't it - but it sems not to be the case!  For the first time, that I've come across anyway, it would appear that this is just a guy - 29 year-old Matthew Fiddes - who's found himself in the middle of a media storm, due to a leak of court documents.

"I don't know for certain that Blanket is my son at all, and I've got no reasons to make claims on that. I've been backed into a corner in this situation and I was very angered that this has happened because it changes my children's lives forever."

He's also said he won't be seeking custody and isn't interested in starting a war with the Jackson family, "I don't want to create a war with the Jacksons again about something so private."

Sounds like a fairly decent chap to me...

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  • Sandy
    At last someone else thinks like me. This guy did not take any money, was not on MJ' payroll - he did the bodyguarding for free for a friend - did not want to speak out but as he says "was backed into a corner by somene who sold him out. Give him a break. Why is it so hard to believe that MJ asked for sperm donation. They cannot all be wrong. This guy says these are MJ's children. I read his mum is dying so lay off her those on TMZ site - give the guy a break. HE IS DEFENDING HIS FAMILY AND IF YOU READ THE STORY RIGHT HE DID NOT WANT THIS TO EVER COME OUT. WELL DONE ON THIS ARTICLE TOO.

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