Celebaby: Jackson Children Give To Charity

11 August 2011

celebabyJacksonKidsI have to say I'm impresed by Michael Jackson's children.

Bearing in mind how crazy their younger years and upbringing looked, at least from the outside, they seem to have come out of it pretty unscathed...so far.

We don't tend to see or hear much from them other than when the anniversary of their father's death comes round, but they have been pictured out and about a fair bit recently, just doing normal things that normal kids do.

One thing they have done this week that's NOT what normal kids do is give away some of their father's drawings to charity.

Maybe the cynical will think it's just a publicity stunt, but what for?  They have no need to get involved in that sort of media circus and, I'm pretty sure, no desire to either.

The artwork was given to the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles as a gift to the children who find themselves unfortunate enough to be there.

All of the children wrote personal messages on the pictures, Blanket's message said

My father's art and music always make everyone happy, Blanket Jackson - I love you daddy

I must confess, Blanket looked a bit subdued in the photographs taken at the event, but the older two looked incredibly relaxed and easy with it all and, OH MY GOODNESS, look at how stunning Paris Jackson already is - she has the most amazing eyes; model material in the making!

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