Celebaby: It's All About Hair

14 February 2012

Hair today, gone tomorrow?  Well it's definitely 'hair today' for Blue Ivy and sort of 'gone tomorrow' for Madonna's daughter, Lourdes.

Blue Ivy

Have you seen the pictures of Blue Ivy, that Beyonce and Jay Z released, on the BLOG they've set up for her?! Have you EVER seen a child born with so much hair in all your life?! I haven't, nor for that matter a few-hours-old newborn looking less newborn!

Where is the 'I've been squashed up inside for months and months' look that most newborn babies have? I can only conclude they're not immediate post-birth photos, and if they are then how DARE Beyonce look so polished, with her hair looking all bouncy and not an hint of exhaustion etched on her face.

There are rumours floating around that a $14 MILLION glossy magazine offer was turned down and this method, clearly, chosen instead.

It'll be interesting to see how these luscious locks develop over the coming weeks and months - I can't say years, I think I might have lost the will to live by then!


Lourdes has done that half head shaving thing! Perhaps it's a sign that I'm creeping ever closer to that 40-years-old milestone, but I do NOT like this look! Whatsername - the girl who assaulted our aural senses with that hideous Swagger Jagger song, SHE cut her hair like this and it looked ridiculous.

Rhianna has had her hair like this and also looked ridiculous, along with Willow Smith. GIRLS, it does not look cool! It just looks like you were shaving all your hair off when the power went off and didn't come back on before you had to leave the house!

It's just weird and incredibly unattractive too, in my opinion.  What do you think - right on trend or right on ridiculous?

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