Celebaby: Coach It Like Beckham

4 October 2011

"Yes, Coach Beckham!"

Lots of young boys across the globe go to football/soccer practice after school and at the weekend, and lots of dads pitch in - whether it's being coach, the touchline medic or the manager.

Imagine this...

You're a little laddy living in Los Angeles, you join the local boys footy team and rock up to discover your coach is international football hero, and superstar, David Beckham!

Well that's exactly what's going on Stateside just now; David was recently snapped, with Romeo and Cruz, training a group of youngsters in the fine art of kicking a ball around with your feet (seriously, rugby is MUCH better!).

Rumours are rife as to what David Beckham's going to do next when his contract with LA Galaxy comes to an end in November.  Sven Goran Erikson has offered David a contract at Leicester and met with Posh and Becks to discuss it but, calm your excitement Leicester fans, it's not going to happen.

According to Sven it was shot down in flames instantly by Victoria, who said, "Sven, can you really see me in Leicester?"  

I can't and thank goodness!  I live near Leicester and she'd only bring down the tone of the place *grin*

Celebaby Play Date

There must have been more celebabies per square meter the day that Angelina took the kids round to Gwen Stefani's London pad for a playdate the other day!

Apparently Gwen and Angelina are good friends and have been since 2006, when they gave birth to Kingston and Shiloh just a day apart from each other.

It's certainly a friendship that they keep away from the cameras, but they were there in all their flash bulb glory when the celebrity families got together.

They stayed for dinner too but there were no fish fingers, chips and beans on this playdate menu, OH NO!  The body guards were sent off to fetch an order from Wagamama.

There were some other celebabies nearby - just next door in fact - Jamie Oliver, wife Jools and their kids live next door to Gwen; they weren't invited to the a-list celebaby playdate and had to content themselves with looking on (albeit out of the neighbouring window) like the rest of the mere mortals of the world.



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