Celebaby: Two New Bumps

29 October 2011

Two existing celeb' mums have announced they're expecting their second babies this week and two celeb' dads have been left holding the babies, although only temporarily of course.

Stacey Solomon

I admit that the X-Factor is the sort of TV programme that I avoid like the plague, but if I happen to catch it on a Sunday afternoon it doesn't take much to get me hooked - it's a bit of a guilty pleasure if I remember it's on.

I will also admit to completely loving Stacey Solomon, I thought she was great and I don't begrudge her a single penny she makes from here-on-in off the back of her X-Factor time (even those naff Iceland adverts!).

Stacey, all of 22, already has a three-year-old son and announced earlier in the week that she's expecting baby number two with her boyfriend, Aaron Barnham, who she's been with for three years.

Admitting the baby was unexpected, she said, "We are really excited. And I'm really looking forward to everything, knowing I am sharing it with the person I want to spend the rest of my life with."

Billie Piper

You know you're good at your job when a noteable theatre chief  and director (Michael Attenborough) and play-write (Neil LaBute) rewrite the script so you can stay star of the show, having discovered your preggars after you've landed the job!

That's what's happened for Billie Piper who's expecting her second baby with husband, Laurence Fox.  Billie had been cast in a play written by Niel LaBute with it's opening night scheduled for 17 November and running until the end of January, by which time Billie would be more than six months along.

Apparently she was really upset when she broke the news to Mr Attenborough, and offered to step down from the role as Carly in 'Reasons to be pretty'.

"She was upset and told me she was pregnant," he revealed to the press this week, "and she very generously offered to withdraw from the show.  However, she was Neil LaBute’s and my first choice for the part — and fortunately the character is pregnant — so with a bit of judicious re-writing we’re all delighted she’ll be with us.  I told her that I’d love her to do it and she just wept on my shoulder.  She thought that was it. She was thrilled."

I'm sure she was thrilled - new baby, new job with people prepared to bend over backwards to keep you; the way it should be, whatever your profession.

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