Celebaby: Boring, Boring, Boring

14 January 2012

There's nothing fun going on in the world of Celebs and their babies just now - it's all boring, boring, boring!

I'm already bored of Beyonce, Blue and Jay Z - the lastest, just in case you're not bored, is that they (Beyonce and Jay Z) have donated more than $100k to the Lennox Hill hospital where Blue was born.

This was, apparently, given months before she was born and the hospital are denying claims that the rather posh and swanky delivery suite, complete with kitchen and other things bla bla bla, was built especially for them.  According to a spokesperson, "they just happened to be the first to use it." Fancy that!

By all accounts there was a complete lock-down at the hospital when Beyonce et al were there, upsetting many of the other new parents there who felt that their special moment had been ruined as family couldn't get in to visit.

You know, if celebs want complete privacy and for the whole world to be shut out when they have their babies, perhaps they should consider having them at home!

What else has been going on?  Not much!

Victoria and Harper Beckham have 'done lunch' together in London - whoppipe-do! HA! I don't think I've ever said, or written 'whoppie-do' in my LIFE! This is a very strong indication of the mood I'm in today - honestly, do we CARE that the Beckham girls are in London and that Victoria is still carting that poor little girl around like a living accessory?!

Christina Aguilera has been out messing around at a theme park with to celebrate her son's fourth birthday and Orlando and Flynn Bloom (still with the MOST adorable child on the planet (bar my own youngest son, of course - and I'm singling him out as a favourite over the other two either, it's just that 17 and 16-year-old teenagers can't really be described as 'adoreable') have been out hiking, with Miranda and their dog.

See, it's all going on in Celebaby land *yawn*  Maybe something exciting will happen over the weekend for me to tell you about next week - something other than such-and-such-a-pregnant-celeb' has been seen out wearing sky high heels, or so and so went to the park with their child.


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    hee hee you do make me chuckle

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