Celebaby: Blue Ivy Carter (Beyonce's New Baby) And Grandad Geldof

10 January 2012

Blue Ivy Carter

Hurrah - Beyonce has had her baby, this time it's official!

The newest celebrity baby arrived on Saturday evening via scheduled c-section and has been named Blue Ivy Carter - I'm not sure what her surname is, that seems to have been left out of every report I've read so far (I'm getting a bit bored of reading the same thing over and over now, so if you don't mind I'll just carry on.

All the usual celeb' Twitter congrats have been sent; a Twitter parody account appeared online within hours but under the wrong name - Ivy Blue Carter - as her name was originally reported the wrong way round.

Apparently Ivy comes from a bit of a thing about the number four - Beyonce was born on 4 September, Jay Z was born on the 4 December, they were married on 4 April and so it goes on and on - the Ivy bit comes from, so the press are speculating, the Roman numeral for the number four, IV.

I can't say I'm fussed where her name comes from, I'm just glad she's arrived and that we can stop all the 'has she - hasn't she had the baby?' rumours!

Grandad Geldof

Peaches Geldof (22) has revealed that she's expecting her first child with her fiance, Thomas Cohen, and apparently Bob Geldof isn't too happy about his new role as grandad.

Mind you, that's only because he hasn't said anything about it yet; when congratulated by fans recently he said that he didn't want to talk about it, as is his right.

Allegedly, he and Peaches have a bit of a fraught relationship but maybe he just didn't want to discuss his private family life with people he'd never met before and was never going to meet again; would you?

The official word from the Peaches Geldof camp suggests that all is rosy in the family camp...

"Peaches Geldof and her fiance Thomas Cohen are delighted to announce that Peaches is pregnant with their first child.  Peaches is utterly thrilled and they have the full support of both of their families who are equally excited for the baby's arrival."

Fraught relationship or happy families - congrats!

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