Celebaby: Beyonce Baby Bump A Fake?

13 October 2011

The news/rumours/scandal that Beyonce might be sporting a fake baby bump HAS to be my favourite Celebaby story of the year so far.

Beyonce appeared on an Australian TV show and a few eagle-eyed people (either that or they were drunk!) decided that her bump squashed in such an unatural way, when she sat down, that it must be a fake bump.

So, where do your thought processes go from there? WHY would she wear a fake bump?

Cue the second part to this, quite frankly, hilarous story; wait for it...

Beyonce is wearing a fake baby bump because a surrogate is carrying her baby for her!

Now THIS isn't remotely far-fetched, there have been a few celebs which have gone down the surrogate route - Sarah Jessica Parker being one of them.

BUT to do that, wear a fake baby bump and expect to be able to keep it a secret when there'd be plenty of people happy to sell THAT story to the highest bidder, is utterly bonkers!

Apart from the holiday pictures of her, blossoming in a bikini, in early September on a beach in Croatia, she seems like a down-to-earth sort of person and NOT the type to 'employ' a surrogate to carry her child, so she doesn't 'ruin' her body, and THEN embark on an elaborate cover-up plot.

I know they say that truth is often stranger than fiction but this, I think, is pushing the realms of reality just a little bit far.

I hope Beyonce and hubby, Jay-Z, are laughing about, what has to be, the most crazy baby story of the year as much as the rest of us sane human beings are.

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  • SlayerKat
    ha hilarious. It does look kinda strange but could be bad photo angle?
  • emmajk42
    I can't imagine that someone could ever do that. Over the 9 month pregnangy, there'd be too many opportunities to slip up.... just bad pics in my opinion.

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