Celebaby: Baby Bond Rumours

24 September 2011

celebaby24SeptA baby for Bond?

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig stunned a lot of people by unexpectedly tying the knot, not too long after they got together.

Now the rumour mill is cranking itself up with tales of how they've both gone on a healthy lifestyle kick, in a bid for a quick and healthy conception.

Rachel already has a five-year-old son and Daniel has a 19-year-old daughter.

Apparently Daniel (43) has finally quit smoking and Rachel (41) isn't going anywhere near alcohol when out and about at premieres or parties.

Speaking about family to the press recently, she said, "Oh, I wouldn't have one just for the sake of giving my son a sibling. But you never know."

Friends seem to think they know, one of those big-mouthed ones has said...

"Rachel was at a private club but wouldn’t touch a drop of alcohol. She’s given it up and now Daniel has stopped smoking. They’re planning for a baby and want to get themselves in tip-top shape."

Pay attention (to) Klass!

Since Myleene Klass had her daughter, Hero, a few months ago, she's been very much under the radar - good news for not-fans of Miss Myleene Goody-Two-Shoes!

However, she's BACK and more annoying than ever.

It seems that the mother of two is soooo much of an authority on parenthood, and clearly so much better at it than the rest of us mere mortals, that she's launched a new parenting guide.

This, in addition to her self-help guide 'My Bump and Me' that she wrote back in 2009.

I've had three children; I'm right in the middle of the latter teenage years - I can reliably inform you they are NOT fun - and I also have a five-year-old who wants to do the things the older ones do but also wants to be five too.

I could write an entire series of books; I could be the face of a parenting guide!  Where are the agents knocking on MY door?

At the launch of Bumps, Babies and Beyond, Myleene was photographed looking prim and proper whilst presenting a plate of cupcakes - I BET you she didn't bake them herself!  I reckon she stopped off at Greggs the bakers on the way and bought them *giggle*

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  • SlayerKat
    LOL had to chuckle at your digs at Klass :) big grin... she really doesn't need to rub cupcakes in our faces does she? lol
  • Carolina J.
    Sarah, we are with you here! Me and my husband- we cannot stand the woman (Myleen), absolutely detest her!
  • Sarah M.
    Oh I'm so glad it's not just me!! There are few people in this world who just irritate me by breathing, but Myleene's one of them.

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