Celebaby: Baby Bieber...?

3 November 2011

There's all sorts of little bits and pieces of celebaby news floating around this week - Hugh Grant has been snapped visiting his few-weeks-old daughter, Steven and Alex Gerrard had a little girl yesterday (I'll tell you about that on Saturday) and Pink, and her daughter, Willow have been spotted out and about sporting matching sunglasses.

But the big celebaby news of the week so far is the story that a 20-year-old Justin Bieber fan has had his baby! I kid you not, read on!

SO, not too long ago I read a Justin Bieber interview (strictly for work purposes you understand!) asking him where he thought he'd be in five years time.  He spoke a lot about family and having kids and all the things that would see many a teenage girl fan picking out their wedding dresses and choosing names.

He's been going out with little pop-strumpet, Selena Gomez, since the beginning of the year; they've gate-grashed a stranger's wedding where Justin gave an impromptu performance, they've been off on various holidays, recently adopted a dog (they've called him Baylor) and generally seem cute together.

Enter 20-year-old Mariah Yeater, who claims she gave birth to Justin's son, on 6 July, after a 30-second 'encounter' with him backstage on 25 October last year.  On Monday 31 October a paternity lawsuit was filed with the American courts, naming Justin Bieber as the father of Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater, demanding a DNA test to verify the young lads parentage and also adequate contribution towards his upbringing.

To say the Bieber camp are vehemently denying the allegations would be an understatement; I've read the ins and outs of Miss Yeater's version of events and it's going to be interesting to see how this pans out.

Briefly, she says she was asked, by a bodyguard at a concert, whether she wanted to meet Justin backstage, she said yes and was whisked off behind the scenes where she met him. Within seconds they were kissing; he asked her if she wanted to go somewhere 'private' (you know, that old chestnut!), she said yes.  She asked him to wear a condom, he refused, she agreed to carry on anyway.

Oh please! Agreeing to have sex without a condom despite having requested the use of one? Stupid!  Whatever happened to sticking to your guns and saying 'NO!'?

I've watched a couple of Justin Bieber biography documentary type programmes (for work purposes, remember!) and I have to say, behind the boy-child-superstar-heart-throb public persona he seems like a nice boy who's been brought up to respect family values and the story being touted by Mariah Yeater is wildly at odds with that.

Anyway, that's not really the interesting twist in this story.  IF it turns out that Mariah Yeater is telling the truth, rather than being a little delusional, then under Californian law Justin would have been underage and Miss Yeater could be charged with statutory rape of a minor!

A court hearing has been scheduled for 5 December.

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