Celebaby: Amy Lee Shares New Baby Snap On Twitter

6 August 2014

Amy Lee

I am a sucker for a cute birth announcement, but the one posted by Evanescence singer Amy Lee on her Twitter feed has just sky-rocketed to the top of my list of fave ways to tell the world that you have become a mummy.

Along with this gorgeous snap, she tweeted:

"Our little cub, Jack Lion Hartzler, is here. I have never known the depths of my heart till now. The world just exploded into technicolor."

See!? What an incredible description of parenthood. If I was the type to say 'totes adorb' I would totally be saying it now.

The Daily Mail reports:

"On Monday the Evanescence singer, who is married to Josh Hartzler, shared a photo on Instagram of her little boy. The 32-year-old performer captioned the snap, 'Our little cub, Jack Lion Hartzler, is here.'"

"This is a first child for the Lost In Paradise singer. In the photo the beauty is seen still in her hospital bed with her gown partially undone."

"The baby, who has a cotton cap on his head, is sleeping on her chest. Lee appears to be makeup free and her dark locks are casually pulled back while some tendrils are loose on her white pillow."

Tendrils?! So anyway, how did you share your baby news with the world?

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