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27 January 2010

amandapeetPregnant American actress Amanda Peet was pictured at the Sundance Film Festival looking all glow-y and blooming. One thing's for sure, she's bound to be getting her baby immunised when the time comes.

The star of 2012 and How I Met Your Mother is spokeswoman for a charity that advocates for childhood immunisations.  Recently she sparked controversy by saying she felt that parents who don't vaccinate their children are parasites. She apologised for the comment but stood by her views on the importance of immunisations.

Amanda and her screenwriter husband David Benioff already have a daughter, Frances Pen, and their second child is said to be due in March.

bumpIn the slightly less glam world of British ex-soapstars, former Brookside actress Jennifer Ellison sparked her own controversy by getting papped in the street yesterday, clutching an open jar of pickled onions and wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the words 'Does my bump look big in this?' Um, the answer is a very definite Y-E-S, Jennifer.

Should baby bumps be covered up? This seems to be a raging debate of its own, with online newspaper readers getting all hot under the collar about the fact that her naked bump is on display. Does it matter? Should expectant mums keep under wraps or is it legit, in the last days of pregnancy, to let it all hang loose?

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  • andrew
    ugly as hell to be letting the bump shown like that.disturbing
  • Emma K.
    Yeah, that's a pretty horrendous bump! Have a bit of dignity woman!
  • jenny
    Leave her alone for goodness sake ! its her body , her baby and she is the one suffering being that anatomically incorrect ! I deify anyone who has a bump that huge to find an item of kit that covers the bump to the draconian standards of some people, and that heaven forbid is comfortable to the mum to be the very fact that she is out in the current cold weather in just a tee shirt should be the give away that she is obviously having a heating issue ! "ugly as hell to be letting the bump shown like that.disturbing" "Yeah, that’s a pretty horrendous bump! Have a bit of dignity woman!" what is wrong with you she has a human life growing inside her did you really think about what you wrote or was it just some rapid fire mean comment ? the poor lass has to get the baby out yet - there is still plenty of time for her to leave her dignity and knickers at the labour ward door! and since when does it matter to you random strangers on a random website what a woman you don't know does or does not do with Her baby bump? children are dropping dead all over the world from hunger malnutrition and lack of water please tell me why this is so vitally important if this lass does or does not cover her baby bump up??
  • Heidi S.
    Jenny, thanks for your comment. Although no-one's saying it's 'vitally important' so of course the topic of this post doesn't compare with serious global issues. But I think you're right. I actually quite respect Jennifer Ellison - she seems confident and comfortable in her own skin and that's impressive at her stage of pregnancy. I'm not saying I think pregnant woman everywhere should get their bumps out and eat jars of pickles in the street but I reckon that pic might help a few expectant mums feel a bit more normal and that's a good thing, in my book.

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